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    i7-8700 3.20 GHz - RTX2070 - Intel SSD 512GB - Toshiba HDWD 1GB - 16GB DDR4 RAM - BenQ BL2405 - WIN10 Prof.

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    Real World AC types flown: B737-3-7-8-9, B757, B767, B777-2-3, B747-4-8, A319, A320, A321, A330. A340-4-6, BAE 146, DH8-Q400, ATR42, DC10,
  1. Doomday has arrived. After so many years on FSX I finally switched to P3D V4 and it looks like I'm going to be happy again. Do my part in the worldwide economy and buy my Addon's again. Bye bye OOM's bye bye VAS outages. Thanks for your comments and help.
  2. Thanks Jim, Bob, we're close to a public holiday over here. I will come back asap to get this solved.
  3. Hi, this is for FSX SP2 boxed only. After almost 5 enjoyable years on a AMD 8600/4GB RAM and a GTX970 under Win7 I decided to get new hardware. So now I have my i7/8700 (HT=on), 16GB RAM, a RTX2070 and a SSD, WIN10 and I'm heavily disapponted. When I start a flight in EDDF with any of PMDG's I'm running out of VAS within seconds. Using the SceneryEditor disconnecting all not needed airports, using all the best practice tweaks it's still not possible to do a flight out of EDDF (Aerosoft's Mega Airport V1 or V2). I'm not using ORBX at all. What makes me wonder is the fact that everything worked well under WIN7. Any hints? Any help? Best Hans
  4. Hi, Ive assgined the N key to Autofeather but nothing happens. When I use the Menu to open the FS2Crew Main Panel a blank black window opens in my 3D Panel. Best Hans
  5. Hi there, finally I've got my new machine and can't stop loving it. (i7/RTX 2070, etc..) I've installed FSX incl. SP1, got my PMDG 737 and 777 and with a big surprise I realized that both FS2CREW's are not working. OS is WIN10 Pro. Within the 737 the cfg button is not working and within the 777 I can see the entry in the Menu but nothing happens. Any idea? (Yes, I read the the comment regarding the installation into the Program86 directory but this is where my installation resides...) Best Hans
  6. Finally a complete reinstall worked. Thanks to Bryan.
  7. I can see the entries for FS2Crew Reinstalled again right now (after deinstalling) making sure I did it with Admin rights but nothing happens.
  8. Thanks Bryan. When I use the clickspot on the horizon the left PFD appears in a zoom. The N key is defined but nothing happens when I hit it. Sorry for this (which is a dumb user error for sure)
  9. Yes, I did. And it says enabled. The Panel.cfg shows the FSCREW entries for WIndow11 to 16. (and without //) regards
  10. Thank you for the reply Bryan. Sorry but I was quite busy doing my job. I've set N for the Autofeather, I've tried to right click the artificial horizon (which worked in the past) and nothing happens. BTW: I'm using the old legacy version.
  11. Hi after reinstalling the PMDG 737-800 I'm no longer able to start FS2CREW. Yes, the 737 is in the Ops Center, I'm ignoring the SP1 message, configured my buttons but when I start FS2CREW nothing happens. Except the left PFD shows up big. Please help
  12. Looks like I was not the only one. I have no evidence but I think that SimStarterNG is the one. Hans
  13. Thanks Mike. Strangely the models file looked like //normal=PMDG_777_200LR.MDL. Deleting the two // worked. Thank you Sir. Appreciated. Hans
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