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  1. Same here.. only in 737, Windows 10 and all updates installed. Highly annoying. I cannot define Button Macros anymore with FSUIPC, as the input gets blocked when using the Keyboard then too. This issue was not there before.
  2. Thanks Jim, unfortunately it didnt work, as soon as LFPG is installed I get a CTD without any error. When in uninstall it, all works very well. Even when using the Addon Manager you suggested, it goes into CTD
  3. Hi Jim, nope, how would I do that? I actually installed the product with the installer and didnt change anything.
  4. Is there any update? I have the same issue! Instant CTD when selection LFPG as airport. For that price, it would be great to see more support by Taxi2Gate.
  5. Dear all, I love Mikes Books but getting one is very hard.... I am searching for "Building Simulated Instruments" is there anyone you know who would sell his copy? Thank you so much Sebastian
  6. Hi, whenever I am in my Dash and I use the rudder, the view completly crashes and zooms out heavily. I don't have this issue when using my A2A Cessna e.g. Is this a bug in the current version? UNfortunately makes my plane unflyable currently :(
  7. Hi all after I installed PTA and Reshade P3D gets stuck loading, while showing the Splash Screen without any error message. I used the instructions by: "http://ultimaterealismpack.weebly.com/" It is strange as it worked a few weeks ago wihtout any problems. It seems as soon as I apply the PTA settings everything goes south but without telling me whats happening. Does anyone have an idea how to debug this?
  8. Thanks but the strange thing is, that it worked in the past, and since I installed P3D freshly, I get these issues. The controls are recognized everywhere, but the plane controls dont react when I move the hardware. aaaargh....
  9. Hi all I wanted to setup my Yoke and Rudder with FSUIPC in P3D. All worked well so FSUIPC recognizes the control inputs and I set it up as expected. But as soon as I enter the sim again, nothing happens. No input device triggers a movement of the controls in the plane. The sim is unpaused and everything installed as usual. What do i need to setup differently so the control inputs from my hardware are being used?
  10. Is there anything that can be shared on the hardware setup?
  11. Thank you Bert, very unfortunate... Hm... THanks for helping
  12. Quick Question on this topic... even if I would go for 32" ultrawide... isn't it, that I wil always be better off with 3x 27" monitors? TWay more immersive I guess?
  13. Hi there, thanks for the great idea how to solve this, but for me it didnt work. The result I get when I integrate my F1GNS430 in a Cessna 152 by Carenado, is that the 3D Knobs are still visible. I think in the C152 there was not this kind of config tool to turn them off or shortcut available. Adding this XML file and changing the panel.cfg didnt work for me. I did this: [Vcockpit02] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_152_2 //gauge00=C152!Radios, 2,3,286,109 gauge00=F1GNS!GNS430, 2,3,286,109,UNIT1.VC gauge01=C152!adf, 4,113,285,117 gauge02=C152!transponder, 1,233,286,63 gauge03=C152!oil_gauges, 1,362,228,62 gauge04=C152!fuel, 1,298,229,60 gauge05=C152!amper2, 293,173,107,107 gauge06=C152!clock, 401,96,101,101 gauge07=C152!suction, 387,8,82,82 gauge08=C152!temp, 298,65,101,101 gauge09=C152!Ignition Switch, 439,216,49,49 gauge10=C152!compass, 299,11,63,40 gauge11=Controls!Control_init, 0, 0, 1, 1 And the Control_init.xml <Gauge Name="Control_init" Version="1.0"><!-- No 3d Knobs --><Element><Select><Value>(L:Init,bool) 1 != if{1 (>L:3DKNOBSBOOL,bool) 1 (>L:Init,bool)}</Value></Select></Element></Gauge> Can someone help me out on this? Sebastian
  14. Dear all, my name is Sebastian and I am new to the P3D / FS World. I bought the C152 and installed it without any issues in P3D. Works all very well. I also bought the GNS430 from Flight 1, but I can't get it running in the C152. Is there any way I can integrate it in the VC, to resemble my real C152 trainer? I installed the tool and used the configurator by F1, but nothing happens when I open up P3D and the C152. Can anyone give me some advice on this? Is it possible to use the F1 GNS with Carenado's C152? Best Sebastia
  15. Does the PMDG 737 realistically model the Short Period Oscillation when you have your own flight model and FDE modeled? It would be very interesting to me to learn more about that, as I want to use PMDG as basis for my 737 simulator
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