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  1. Hello, since the last maddog update, my FS2Crew Panel is not opening. Checked the activation on Load manager, tried to install again.. But nothings change.. EDIT. DId another activation on load manager, now everything looks fine!
  2. My panel.cfg lines are there, my addon.cfg lines are there, but still my FS2Crew panel is not opening. P3D V4.5 HF 3 here..
  3. So, looks like all my Panel.cfg entries are there, but the panel still not oppening..
  4. Anything that improve the product and makes it even more realistic is a very welcome adition! Go for it! Love the policy of this company! Always moving foward!
  5. Looks like the numbers are acurate on this profile. Just checked with the numbers on FSW manual..
  6. I'm having issues with the profile shared here. No matter how long and how light I'm it always says that I'm above my takeoff weight. Is there another profile? Or can someone tell me how to solve the issue? Thanks!
  7. The problem is that it also start to phase inside the cockpit. Sometimes when you pan around the panels, sometimes out of knowwhere.. I hope you can find a way to fix it.
  8. Some feedback: This new build requires a lot of thrust to taxi.. I don't know how is the real plane, but I prefer the old build.. 3 engines should get this thing mooving pretty easily. Also I think that this plane has way too much drag.. I'm descending with -2500ft/min and still needs a lot of thrust to mantain 250 kts.. Really hard to find a situation to descend in iddle thrust.
  9. I'm also having sound issues. Its like a distorsion.. You can hear it on the preview video of the pulse landing light. 24 sec of this video.
  10. Hello, installed that last update and notice that my FS2C panel doesn't open like in 747-400. Just using my "c" shortcut.. Am I doing something wrong?
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