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  1. This is the same issue I have. It really got bad after installing Land Class NA and SE Alaska.
  2. Agree with Mr. Captain. Even though you may not be IN the cockpit, the way I see it is any time spent going through the motions, and hopefully building GOOD HABITS, is time well spent! Good luck to you on your career as a 737 pilot! That sounds like a lot of fun!
  3. Jim I appreciate your ongoing involvement in this thread, even if it may be beneath you. You are absolutely correct. My belief rests with the firm conviction that my RAM is starting to fail. It just doesn't make sense that my high-resource dragging PMDG 737 with REX Essential (on the first highest beneath HD cloud setting) would function flawlessly one day and the next it doesn't. I discerned something rather telling last night, but first this: I have to ask, is it the RAM performance that affects the load time of at startup? I am inclined to believe this. The SSDs are not failing, they were bought a month ago just for this build. I did a trial and error process by which I proceeded to install and run FS base, then SP2 then Orbx Global base, then vector, then NA Landclass, then Se Alaska, and all loaded up flawlessly within moments. It was when I installed REX Essential and installed the new textures via the software frontend that I THEN had the long load times. I whittled down the REX features to such a point that all I had left was minimum spec clouds and left on aircraft and runway lighting. It still was too much for my machine to handle. My belief is the RAM, at 1333mHz, just cant hang in there....plus even with a highmemfix line of code I was still getting a legitimate OOM. For now I am going to install everything except REX and roll from there until I can afford to put some really high clock speed ram into this hot mama....someone correct me if that doesn't sound right to them.
  4. I agree Jim. However, I am getting an OOM when I do certain things. I was not having this issue before. I am doing a complete re-format and install. Fortunately, this only takes me about half an hour, so it's a minor inconvenience. I am running 16GB of 1333mhz DDR3 ram. I believe it is time to upgrade. My processor is an i5 and the HD are SATA3 SSDs. This ram has served me well, and has been with me for about 5 years. I appreciate your input, thank you; you are absolutely right that I should do that, and "plan accordingly" but as a mechanic, I am a firm believer in, not just getting the truck out the door, but fixing the problem completely.
  5. This is truly infuriating. I loaded a Bushawk XP at the Stampede airport in the middle of nowhere. It loaded by default into winter scenery. Everything loaded up like normal, in about 25-30 seconds. I then went into Time. and changed it to summer, and the reload took almost 10 minutes. WHAT THE HELL?
  6. Did a clean wipe and install. NOW I am getting an OOM. Sliders set below where I had them before. I am getting monumentally confused because things had been working perfectly fine before. I am just stunted in terms of what to turn to next. More reading must be in order, but what really blows me away is load times that went from 20 seconds to 10 minutes, and the level of detail radius set to large but it's rendering as though it was low, and a CTD whereas before it was a straight-out hard freeze in-flight. Not only am I not replicating the original problem, but with a fresh install, lowered sliders, I am getting an entirely different beast.
  7. Wish I would have read that beforehand....wrapping up a clean wipe and install, changed over clock profile, and cleaned the heads on my RAM. I am confused. One day the load time was fine, and a day later it would take ten minutes to load a scenery area, even OUTSIDE the NA Landclass. I'm wondering perhaps if I have a hardware issue. Never encountered something like this.
  8. Thanks a ton Jim, I didn't know that existed. I'm still getting my &@($* kicked by this. I'd hate a clean wipe and reinstall, but it seems as soon as I installed Aerosoft DO27 things went south. This may take me some time....
  9. First place I heard it was working at a Kenworth Dealership as a mechanic, and yes, brilliant indeed it is. Right on Dave! Thanks for the link. Whereabouts in Florida do you live? I go at least once a year to Orlando to pick up my son, and I don't know entirely about your statement on mosquitoes...I will say this, I AM an expert on them and if I can yarn I will tell you a story or two. First off, I've never known anything nearly as bad as a no-see-um (little buzz in your ear sonofagun) that you can't see and cant hit. They do their thing late at night when you're trying to sleep and they can slip through nylon mesh or zipper teeth on your tent. White socks. Those guys, if you're on a moose kill, will eat you alive, worse than anything I've ever seen, leave a scab for 2 weeks. Now mosquitoes, I've encountered in FL on the Rock Springs canoe run that were pretty annoying, but nothing like the following. I live in a place called Bear Valley situated in the hills above Anchorage, and can go backcountry camping in my own back yard. I was camped on the ridgeline above my house one night. For the record this particular night I had the once-in-a-lifetime fluke of coming upon my wooded tent site, and during the surveil of the location my bear sense (a born and raised Alaskan should never leave home without his sixth sense) went crazy, and I heard a shuffle in the scrub spruce, so I lobbed a big rock into the patch to make noise and scare it away. Keeping it short-I am fairly certain I just so happened to hit the bear square in the ribs with the dinner plate sized rock and she took off like a wild donkey into the trees. Worked up, I convinced myself there was no bear and I just heard the rock rolling down the embankment. As I staked the last corner of my tent, she popped up on the adjacent hillside. Anyway, as I laid in bed for the night I had some earbuds in listening to some Zeppelin, and I couldn't quite pick it out, but I heard *something* extraneous to my music. Taking off the earbuds, I picked up on it-a low droning sound, and-popping my head out of the tent door and looking above my tent roof, the THICKEST cloud of mosquitoes I've ever seen in my life, teaming over me. I was pretty floored I heard them over the music. Anyhow I will try and look into that link, looks cool. Update: I was just watching a documentary about buffalo airways the other day. Too much fuff and dress for my taste, as is just about every reality TV show ever made, but some good history on the show!
  10. I came back to update and say that load times, particularly during scenery load pre-startup is significantly longer, and it was just FINE a day before, it was an overnight change. and it is a permanent hard freeze. I have to close out in the taskman. The bells and whistles sliders are being fiddled with. I first noticed the problem whilst flying the twotter, and nothing had given me trouble before. I am curious if my ram is starting to fade.. Also added....the loading time is now from a few moments to excessive. I may give the ram a wipe.
  11. I've never asked anyone else's help for handling FSX issues but the gist I am gathering at this point is that with the bit of reading I've done I have a slider issue. PMDG 737NGX and ORBX Global FTX 2 with Vectors LC NA and SE AK Scenery. Win7x64 and thats honestly what I know of how to start. I'm sorry if I pull a newbie on this post but I haven't put a serious strain on a machine in a few years and I feel I am out of the loop on how to handle it. I was dealing with reasonably fine performance and sliders pretty high, no issues until I installed the NGX although I have had freezes in the Extended Aerosoft Twotter.... Thanks for bearing with me and I expect to receive some form-letter advice and guidance but I honestly don't know exactly how to approach the problem so I may be looking at a trouble-tree type of thinking in an approach to my sliders. Performed SOME cfg tweakage but have not yet gone back to backup. Trying that now, we will see if it changes anything. I will only leave the highmemfix line in place. Thanks Fellas and ladies
  12. Presently I'm flying the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended, and am actually getting more and more familiar with my checklists. I used to fly only things I could do from memory and am glad to expand into a more sophisticated sim experience. I can't believe it took me 20+ years to do more than just enjoy the tactile experience.
  13. Hello I am Dan from Alaska, and I thought I would briefly introduce myself. I am 34 yo and former diesel mechanic now medium duty mechanic with Uhaul Alaska. I grew up around bush planes and fascinated myself reading the tales of the likes of Don Sheldon and Bob Gillam, Wiley Post and others. Pioneer aviation has fascinated me and I always felt I have been a bit of a purist-favoring propeller-driven aircraft. Bush piloting would have been my career but for a few cruel twists of fate and fortune. I will never forget the first time I saw a Rust's Flying Service DHC Beaver landing at Lake Hood when my father came back from a moose trip; I was 3 years old and aviation has deeply enamoured me ever since. I absorbed all information I could and to this day civil aviation holds a deeply seated special place in my heart. (I have no interest in military aviation whatsoever, but have read up here and there) I first got FS 3.0 back in 1988 and quickly upgraded to 4.0 the next year at the tender age of 7 and 8, respectively, and have been flying in every version ever since except 2004 and Acceleration. Most of my flying has been the prop stuff, with my favorites through the years being at around age 12 or so, flying VOR-to-VOR radial intercepts to make it through the Caribbean in the Skylane. Since I have found love in the Beaver, the Twin Otter, the DO-27 and most recently have, in the wake of a surgery and recovery, (pardon me if I get tangential at points-right now I am fighting back painkillers) invested in a yoke/rudder after years of budget joysticks, and am finally going all out with my first, and intimidating airliner, the PMDG 737 NGX. Also, I finally have the hardware to run what I deem acceptable performance margins. I look forward to learning from you all, making some friends along the way, and seeing where this particular run takes me. Nice to make your acquaintance people. -Dan Hirschberg
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