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  1. Another update goes live today. Final grading for landings is now in and is configurable for GA/Airliners. Its a little rough around the edges to feedback is greatly appreciated. Additionally you can now pre-configure an aircraft for the approach settings. The engines have to be started still, but you can set flaps/speed and gear position per approach now. There are notes on the tab on how to setup these too. I'm looking to start filming some tutorials for the software to put on the main site and Youtube. If anyone has any specific request for tutorials they would like to see on how to get the most out of FSToolkit let me know! Download - http://fstoolkit.xyligo.co.uk/get/ There is also a public discord group that I sit in for any queries, bugs or feedback if that's an easier way to communicate. https://discord.gg/JwjUer4
  2. Landing reports have been overhauled. Landing reports will now output a HTML report that is stored in the application folder. All historical reports can be accessed from the landing tab. This system will be fleshed out more over time. With this UI change Centreline deviation and total distance to stop have been added aswell. To use the landing report tool, ensure you have a runway selected on the approach page otherwise some of the metrics will not be stored correctly. The report tool will now only record data when the simulator is unpaused and will stop recording when the parking brake is set. Have also set a discord group up for support if people need help with setting up and using FSToolkit! Landing grading will be implemented in an update tonight! Download - http://fstoolkit.xyligo.co.uk/get/ Enjoy and Fly Safe! Dan
  3. Its now been updated to and has numerous improvements. Better support for FSX, P3D and basic support for X-Plane. Automatic generation of the runways file along with a load of performance improvements. There is a changelog on the settings page with more details. Hoping to have the Landing Grading system in next!
  4. It will work fine offline, you only need to connect for installation and updates. If an update is released it will just update the next time you have a connection. There is no "phone home" code in there.
  5. Just pushed out build which includes the requested VAS Monitor
  6. VAS Graph is on the todo list now. Ill look at a way to view/edit and save the configs through FSToolkit too, if that is going to be beneficial.
  7. Thanks for your kind words, I will look at the VAS graphing as that shouldn't be too much trouble. I'll investigate a way to look at the files loaded through the flight too, i could certainly pull in some events and flag those on the graph, so pause/unpauses, weather changes etc. I was just looking for a method of editing the topic as i've just published the first public alpha version. You can grab it here - http://fstoolkit.xyligo.co.uk/get/ Once it has matured a bit I will get it submitted to the AVSIM Library.
  8. Thanks, hoping to have it downloadable tonight so people can start testing it.
  9. So this is FSToolkit a FREE all-in-one for FSX, P3D and eventually Xplane. Its early days, only been developing for about 4-5 days tops. I'm now close to getting an alpha into the wild and could do with some thoughts and ideas on where to take it next. It will be open sourced in the near future. It uses FSUIPC and XPUIPC. Some basic testing has worked with X-plane 10 but doesn't offer anywhere near the functionality it does with FSX/P3D at the moment. Have a basic website up at http://fstoolkit.xyligo.co.uk for tracking development. I will also be livestreaming the development and testing - probably online later tonight and a few other nights this week at https://twitch.tv/xyligo and finally heres a video of an earlier build - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M-dn2_WYnc Features – In and functional Streamer Settings – Output various pieces of Data to text files for use in Xsplit/OBSAirspeed (IAS) Heading Lat/Lon Vertical Speed (ft/m) Altitude Last Landing Rate (ft/m) VATSIM METAR Lookup – Get the latest METAR from VATSIM for an ICAO. Process Monitoring – Monitor the Prepar3D process from Windows metrics and FSUIPC reporting along with UI responsiveness. Webserver – Outputs various pieces of information in JSON format for feeding into your own Web Apps. Approach Practice – Position your aircraft on approach to any airport in Prepar3d at different ranges and heights. STARS – Position your aircraft at the first fix of a STAR at custom distance and altitude to practice star approaches. Landing Report – Tracks various metrics about your approach and upon landing will give you a report and store the information in graph. Able to record multiple approaches and overlays them on the supplied charts. Weather – Build and send a SimConnect METAR to the sim, customise wind speed, specific heading or variable heading, gust speed, visibility and weather conditions. Add 2 cloud layers (3 soon) Time – Set custom sim time or sync it with the local system. WideFS Ready – Run FSToolkit on a seperate computer or windows tablet and connect to your sim with WideFS. Basic Failures – Currently supports basic engine failures – upto 4 engines. Features – Coming Soon Failures Settings Snapshotting – Save settings to quickload scenarios Landing Rating – Get graded on landings Configure aircraft for an approach Pushback system METAR Decoder (Should be in for release) Send Real METAR to sim More stuff. Tell me what you want to see in FSToolkit. RNAV Approach Support X-Plane 10 & XPUIPC Support The project will be open sourced eventually, just want to get some feedback and traction on it. I'm looking for input on what features people want to see in here as well as sanity checking the terminology i'm using as I'm very much a rookie sim pilot.