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  1. Aha, I remember that Blackbird. Definitely uncontrollable.
  2. Hello there! Glad to see others still playing FU3.
  3. Hello all, nice to see many others with Flight Unlimited memories. FU1 was my very first flight sim and I was hooked from the start. I'd spend many hours of my childhood doing loops and dives in the Sukhoi and Decathlon aircraft. Then FU2 came out and I enjoyed the realistic ATC and dynamic flight controls. I always took the Beaver out of Half Moon Bay and made runs to and around San Francisco. After a while I finally got FU3, and was thrilled to learn I could reuse my FU2 CDs to return to the SanFran area once more. In the mean time I also tried Microsoft FSX, and while the aircraft and location selections were much better, the ATC really was disappointing compared to Flight Unlimited 2/3. I'm really sad to learn that Looking Glass went under after Flight Unlimited 3, it was a great company and it really inspired me to learn more about aviation as a whole. I apologize if this is seen as a necroing a dead thread, but I just wanted to express my appreciation to you guys for AVSIM having a Flight Unlimited section. Thanks guys!
  4. Great review! I loved the Flight Unlimited trilogy. (FU1 was my first true flight sim) I still have FU3 installed on my PC and play it often. I used to play FSX too but it just didn't feel as good to play as Flight Unlimited 3. Especially in the ATC department. I love flying the Renegade in FU3, and a Grumman Goose addon plane I found here on AVSIM.
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