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  1. Hi! I have left RXP for a while and now I want to use XP again. I just wonder what the latest database version for RXP is now? How can I update it if mine is out of date? Thanks!
  2. When you say dynamic flight plan management do you mean that you edit your plan on the TDS screen (eg. just pick an appropriate "point" along the route) and not by LNM or Simbrief?
  3. Thanks... but I know its Navdata is not the latest one, so what if the LNM or Simbrief uses some waypoint that TDS doesn't have.. what would happen when importing it into the TDS? Do we have to manually add or edit the waypoint in TDS?
  4. Thanks a lot for your detail sharing! What do you mean you need to constantly upgrade the TDS? Can you manually upgrade the Navdata by yourself? As far as I know, we cannot change the Navdata by ourselves?
  5. I am also on the fence of choosing PMS or TDS (as many might have been)... I have read through the 6 pages of this thread... Now I am a little confused... 1.Does TDS have a touch screen in the VC?? If so, why do I read some comment saying that they have to struggle to handle the TDS unit? 2.Because the Navdata of TDS is not up-to-date, would there be some trouble while importing flight plan from SImbrief or LittleNavMap? 3.Does the weather radar of PMS really work because as far as I know there is still some issue of the weather radar due to ASOBO side? (eg. weather radar of PMDG 737 cannot work because of this) Thanks a lot if someone can clarify my confusion...
  6. Thanks a lot! Got it! Just trying to make sure I did not miss something. 😉
  7. Hi! Just bought the Heli and tried some flights after reading the manual. I love it! However, I cannot find how to activate the GPU. Is there a way to call the GPU? Thanks!
  8. I get it... I move my aircraft to everyone of these airports and "Create Waypoint" as "Airport".. right? I guess this is the only way?
  9. Hi! I have installed Papua New Guinea Scenery from ORBX(Tapini) and I tried to make a flight from AYTI(Tapini) to FANE, or Woitape. However, I cannot find the airports except Tapini in my GTN 750. When I make my flight plane by key in FANE or Woitape(by its name or ICAO), none of them can be found. Does that mean it doesn't include the data of those airports? If so, is it possible to add them? Thanks!
  10. Thank you so much! You have been of so much help! I will rea those discussion posts!!
  11. Thanks a lot! I get what you mean. I now know what the issue is. My arrival airport was set to be CBW2, which I don't know why is not accepted when importing the flight plan from LittleNavmap. However, if I delete it and manually enter CBW2 into the flight plan by "Add waypoint", then it's OK. Really have no idea why. Anyway, I now know I have to "Store" the flight plan before I can Edit it. THanks a lot!!
  12. Thanks! I have read through the manual( the Pilot's Guide) but still have one question. How do you know which wpt is causing the locked flight plan if there are many wps in a flight plan?
  13. Thanks! It's not the one included with GTN package? OK, I will try to google it.
  14. Thanks! Scott, However, if I enter the same wpts manually, there is no problem. Does that mean there is nothing wrong with the wpt? I have edited those wpt. and saved them and export them to the user.wpt. file. BTW, how can I know which wpt is locked? It seemed only showed "Locked" and I could not tell which wpt is the problem. THanks again!
  15. Hi! I am using the latest version of LNM(2.0.3) However, the flight plan I made by it always showed some WPT invalid and locked in my GTN 750, no matter if the WPT are made by myself( exported to user.wpt) or built-in wpt. If I use the same wpts but manually key in to GTN 750, then there was no problem. Any idea what I can do or what was wrong? Thanks. ps. I am using P3D v4.3, with A2A Comanche 250.
  16. Thank you so much!! I have seen it! I should have read it first... SO embarrassed for my post.. 😳
  17. Thanks so much! It's of great great help to me in making decision! As to the compatibility issue, I ask because when I open my A2A Comanche 250 configurator for GPS, the RXP option is greyed.(please refer to my pic). I have also posted this question on their support forum but no response so far. In fact, just by the introduction from the respective page of F1 and RXP, I prefer RXP, and that's why I am so concerned about the compatibility. If the option is greyed, then it means I cannot choose RXP or if there is any other way to integrate or code it? Besides, is it better to get both 650 and 750? Or is 750 alone is enough? Thanks a lot!! edit. I just got some response from A2A: At the present time, the RXP GTN units aren't officially supported in the Comanche but it should be possible to integrate them successfully.
  18. Hi! I may need some help and thank you so much! However, I cannot send you a message. How can I PM you please? Thanks!
  19. Oh! I think I have misunderstood something. So I cannot buy RXP GTN 750 for XP and use it also in P3D right? It cannot be used "cross-platform"? Thanks!
  20. Hi! I own the A2A Comanche 250 for P3D v4 and I am thinking of getting a better GPS/NAV other than the default Garmin GNS 400 (it's way too simplified).. I am considering F1 GTN 650/750, MS GNS 430/530 or Reality XP GTN 650/750(because I also fly in XP 11). I know the former two is compatible with A2A, but because I also fly XP 11, I favor the RXP one. I am wondering if I can use flawlessly on the A2A( or in P3D)with RXP GTN 650/750? Thanks!
  21. Thanks a lot! Now I know your point and it makes sense! 😊
  22. Hmm... I have restored the default shaders and adjusted the HDR setting... with little change in the result. Could anyone please post a picture of what you see on the rwy or taxiway at night time from the VC with landing light, and taxi light on?😅 Thanks a lot! 😊
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