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  1. Just purchased IL-2 Sturmovik 'Ultimate Edition'. I have a PFC C2 Cirrus II Pro Console (serial port) running FSUIPC v. 4.90 & PFC FSX Driver v. 4.41. Works great with FSX and the PFC FAA approved BATD X-Plane software. Is there any way to run IL-2 off the PFC console? I am running it on an old RC game controller (USB InterLink ELITE - Futaba emulator) and it is too limiting.
  2. I'm new to this forum. I couldn't find a better place to post my question so I hope I don't offend anyone. I have a PFC C2 Pro console (Serial Port) with their Instrument console. Works great with FSX & FAA Registered BATD X-Plane software using FSUIPC v. 4.90 and PFC FSX Driver v. 4.41. I miss using the original MS Combat FS. I just installed IL-2 Sturmovik by IC Maddox Games. Is there anyway to get IL-2 to recognize and use the PFC Serial Port controls? In the good old days, I could call PFC and chat with them about these kinds of things. Now they seem more interested in charging us for any contact with them.
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