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  1. Yupp, i assure you that i make the same Captain flows everytime and once in a while the FO doesnt press it thats why its so misterious for me. Yes i press it when it happens. Its not a problem but it raises my question. If by any way you find out something about it post it please. Thanks.
  2. Good morning, when i call for before start checklist one of the first actions of the FO is to engage the TOGA button for GA mode, it shows up in the PFD top with green color along with winglvl am i saying something wrong? The thing is, in my case sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt and as i am following your tutorial everytime i fly i find it strange because so far i havent been able to understand whats making it to happen radomly. Thats why i questioned you about it. Am i doing something wrong?
  3. Hi, could you please tell me what triggers the activation of the TOGA button by the first officer when i start the before start checklist. Regards.
  4. Hi In the departire brief you can choose several TO power settings. In my experience only Ntop and Mtop are recognized by FS2CREW. Is there any chance to have all the RDC TOP included on the after start checklist - engine rating answer? Am i doing something wrong? Thanks.
  5. Probably theres a missunderstanding, i mean the rear passenger door. Sorry.
  6. Good answer...planning on enhancing the imersion and add it?
  7. Hi how are you? Why the door number 3 (passenger rear door) doesnt open nor close on the checklists performed by FS2Crew? Thanks, regards.
  8. Sorry about the duplication of the post. Forgot to mention that i have the fail version warning too when i start the FS2 Crew Window. I've re installed tha latest version 3.5 and it still maintains the error message. thanks.
  9. Hi, today i've found that on the FS2 CREW window on FSX Steam i have the "Fail" notice instead of the Pre Flight Events timer. Everything seems to work fine, ground and checklists. I have reinstalled but it persists. What should i do? Thanks, regards.
  10. Ok, i use voice control so i skip the pushback flow? (If Push Back Required) Speak: "COCKPIT TO GROUND". Speak: "WE ARE READY FOR PUSHBACK AND ENGINE START". Speak: "BRAKES RELEASED". When instructed, speak: "BRAKE SET". Speak: "YOU ARE CLEARED TO DISCONNECT AND GO TO HAND SIGNALS". <- THIS COMMAND IS WHAT TRIGGERS THE MODE CHANGE TO 'A. START PROC'
  11. Hi! I have recently bought FS2Crew for Aerosoft Airbus and i am having issues with pushback that messes up all my flight by disturbing the engine start sequence. First of all the push back when deactivated in the cfg panel still can be activated when we carry on with the engine start sequence, this doesn't make any sense. When using GSX this messes up the system because you have 2 pushback systems working at the same time. If you want to work with GSX you can't follow the engine start sequence. What should i do now? Thanks.
  12. Hi, Yeah you're right but not even park, parked in any accent. Through the display option the sound park is recognized as arm no matter what, today i've been at the gate in LPPD trying for 28 minutes several diferent kinds of park! Neighbours must think i got "parked" LOL Help me out with this, why it is recognizing my voice this way, prwviously to V3 this didn't happen.
  13. Hi, how are you? I am having some issues with the parking checklist, the response "parked" to the FO question about the emerg brake is not accepted (in many accents ). This started right after the installation of the latest V3 version. Thanks, regards.
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