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  1. Ok. thank you very much! Are your default airport lights flying 1ft over the ground, too?
  2. Thank you. But why do some people don't have the problems as I have? :-(
  3. It's the same. LEPA is just a little extra weird, because the grass textures at nights are really bad. But I still have the same problem. Nothing changed :( Do you have Rex Textures installed?
  4. Default KATL FlyTampa EHAM Both without HDR on
  5. I tried that already and it didn't help. Sorry for my late response, but I was on vacation. :-)
  6. I think that this post in the Aerosoft forum explains the reason: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/127919-weird-airport-light/&do=findComment&comment=847439
  7. I installed it on a different hard drive and I tried it out with PTA, ReShade, etc. But it didn't work. So I kind of gave up and I probably have to live with it, because I don't see any solutions. :(
  8. Yes. I deleted everything from my system.
  9. Just did a full reinstall of the sim (deleted everything) and I still have the same problem
  10. Sounds good. I'm reinstalling everything right now and I hope that I will get done tonight. :D
  11. I'm using FlyTampa, Aerosoft, Uk2000, too. And I hav eproblems with those sceneries.
  12. Did you reinstall the sceneries? I might have to delete all my add-ons and reinstall everything :(
  13. I just tested something and it looks like that at default airport, my lights are 1ft above the grounds, but look kind of normal or how they should be and at every payware airport, they just look like 2D lights.
  14. Still the same problem. The lights just look like 2D models and not 3D models.
  15. Here are my settings <-- These are my settings. I think that is something is messed up with my lights. We just have to figure out, what it is.
  16. I did it now and it didn't help :(
  17. I only have GSX, FSDT JFK V2, and FSDT KLAX V2 in there.
  18. I think I have, but I'm not sure, which add-ons. Do you mean only airports or add-ons in general?
  19. I tried it now and it didn't help at all.
  20. I don't know how to get the original airport lights, because I can't find any backup. :-( And I will look in my PTA and see, if something was checked wrong.
  21. In the last couple of days, I recognized that all my airport lights were displayed wrong. It didn't matter where I was. Every scenery had the problem, even the default sceneries. I hope someone can help me! Here is a picture, where you can see, what the problem is.
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