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  1. Sorry if i don t understand to much but i from P3D.How much beta version X-Plane Developer need for the final x plane 11. We will go into the version beta 2 now,,,the fps will be better or not they did not speak about that. Thank
  2. The same for me....After many years with P3D and ORBX....I am completely amazed about X PLANE 11. Sorry P3D...
  3. Exactly! I like this situation...
  4. I eat each X PLANE11 videos with a tea spoon...
  5. Hello, I fly on FS 2004,FSX and with P3D from the beginning and with very good ORBX scenery only,since 2008...Since the videos appeared about X PLANE 11 on youtube I watch every hour if there is not a new one come!.With the first video I watched I took a slap...This simulator overwrites all other I do not need to make comparisons or talk about it for hours....The potential is there and what i see in the "beta" Is already incredible.I understand now that the scenery and the plane do not do everything inside the simulator and I will reconsider my sim by X PLANE 11. It will not do good for some sim company...Austin Meyer has succeeded a real masterpiece The world of simulation will finally move!
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