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  1. Hi everyone! I've just discovered that Carenado released SVS G1000 for all their equipped G1000 aircraft. Therefore, we can enjoy a close-to-real G1000 as we should after many years of waiting, Is Alabeos aircraft (DA42... ecc) able to run that G1000 previously mentioned? Thanks Regards, Simone
  2. Hello everyone. Before start, i'm not going to mess anything up... Very nice airplane and Navigraph extension is the best, BUT... Flight plan created --> Took off --> ATC gave me a direct --> pressed direct button on the MFD and typed a FIX --> Oh no! Where is my flight plan??? I tried to Activate Leg by pressing ENT while the desired waypoint was selected.. but nothing. Didn't work. Any chance, any help?? thank you very much Simone Apicella
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