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  1. Yes, hitting Esc to end a flight.. and also, yes, I have the choice of both.
  2. Hi, Please, I'm currently using a Windows 10 Home and FSX-SE + PMDG 737NGX, but when I End a flight, it returns to the desktop without any error/crash message, instead of getting me back to the main screen of the game.. Any suggestions?? Thank you very much!
  3. Hmm.... Which one: Win7 Home Premium 64-bits with MS:FSX, or, Win10 Home 64-bits with FSX:SE, works better with PMDG B737NGX?? Thank you all!!!
  4. Good evening, Please, I was wondering which OS, Windows 7 x64 or Windows 8.1 x64, is the most recommended for FSX(both, MS and SE) and which Flight Simulator works better with PMDG 737NGX? Thank you!!
  5. Mike, the laptop is new, it's the very first time using FSX with it. The Radeon card never showed up.... Thank you!
  6. charlie, yes I do, FSX+SP1+2....(so SP2).... n99wb, Im gonna try this.... cianpars, sorry, I didn't understand, could you be more specific, please? Thank you all!!!!
  7. Hello, please, I'm having this issue that is bothering me a lot!! My AMD Radeon graphic card just doesn't show at the FSX(MS) settings. It only has the option of the Intel one. I have a Dell Inspiron 5548 notebook. What should I do to solve this? Any ideas?? Thanks!!!!
  8. Hi there, please, I would like to know informations about how to start using for the very first time(a tutorial maybe, would be great) the CO ROUTE inside the FMC of the B737NGX(PMDG/FSX Deluxe SP1/2). How to? Where should I start? What do I need? So on.... Thank you all!!!! :smile:
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