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  1. Hi, I think you might be able to email support@multicrewxp.com, and they can probably supply you with a replacement key.
  2. If you're referring to how BVI pilots would do so, I'm afraid I don't know of a great solution. The tech required to implement auto-landing in the simulator seems quite aircraft-specific. Itsyourplane and FSXPilot provide alternatives, though without the same flexibility as MCE. I wish I had better news, but at the moment I don't know of a reasonable way to fly realistically.
  3. I think it's worth noting that despite the controls not being standard, most Windows screen readers I've tried still recognize them and allow them to be clicked. They aren't quite ideal, as it's hard to tell what state some of the toggles are in without narrator, but it's certainly not impossible to use them on our own. I think folks shouldn't be discouraged by the apparent need to get sighted assistance, if you use the "virtual mouse," feature of your readers things will generally work well.
  4. Hi All, I haven't flown with MCE or otherwise for some time, but I feel like I can at least chime in here on a few things. We're mostly restricted to flying the default FSX 737 at the moment. That's largely because the FMC is inaccessible. MCE does support programming it via voice commands, but the lack of audio feedback makes this almost impossible to do interactively. That is, we can ask to press various buttons on the FMC, but can't figure out what is on the display without sight. I don't know what a good solution for this issue might be, and imagine it depends a lot on specific 3rd-party aircraft. Still, one thing at a time. MCE does have the ability to do almost anything in the cockpit, including flying via GPS routes. I appreciate that all the voice commands are written up in RTF or PDF files, though sometimes figuring out where to find a specific command isn't obvious. I don't have much else to add to this thread at the moment, but will watch and contribute as I can. Thanks for working with us, FS++.
  5. CFIT is an issue I'm definitely keenly aware of. I flew into a mountain on final not too long ago More seriously, I don't know if we're looking for a "fully automated," landing," so much as a way to handle one without needing to see. I'm not sure how much of the process can be dealt with by MCE already. That VR tool sounds interesting, though seems to solve only half the problem, as mentioned, we still need a way to read the FMC output. Perhaps I ought to try buying one of the airliners and seeing how far I can get with things as they currently stand. I think that some of the problems mentioned earlier up thread with regard to runway suitability can be left up to our common sense: of course I'm not going to try to land a 747 on grass! I don't expect MCE to pick a runway for me, I just want it to help me land on the one assigned, or whatever I decide looks good according to the wind, length, etc.
  6. Hi all, From what other blind pilots have said, the Airbus and other fairly complex sims are hard to use because the interface for the FMC requires sighted assistance. Someone specifically mentioned the problem of "discontinuities," though I don't believe that's the only issue. MCE is able to read gauges, which is certainly helpful. It even seems to include voice commands for FMC programming, though I've not tried them myself, as I don't own an Airbus or PMDG plane. Assume, for the moment, that we're mostly flying with stock FSX aircraft. How much of the landing procedure on those can be automated, I wonder? It would be helpful to hear from the MCE developers, in terms of what they are comfortable doing. At the moment, as far as I'm aware, it's impossible for us to land planes using voice commands alone, at least using this program. If I'm wrong, I'd love to be told THanks for your thoughts.
  7. Hi All, I'm wondering if there's a way to read the text of FSUIPC messages that isn't tied to the simulator panels. My screen reading technology doesn't seem able to get anything from them, probably because of the technique use to draw the controls on screen. Nevertheless, a lot of add-ons seem to use the messages for various purposes, and it seems reasonable that something like this might exist. I'm envisioning a program rather like an old-style computer console, possibly even running in a Windows command prompt. It would display the messages as they come in, and that's probably about it. The key for me is that my screen reader needs to be able to access them, and it can't currently. Any thoughts on this?
  8. Hi All, I used to have VoxATC back in my previous flight-sim phase, ca. 2009. Back then I don't remember having to deal with the panel, though given how little I remember about that time in general it's possible I did. At any rate, I don't know of a way to initialize Vox now without mouse clicks. My screen reader can't read anything in any aircraft panel, as far as I'm aware. Is it possible to set up a keyboard shortcut to do this, or am I SOL?
  9. So I'm only recently aware of this tool, and am wondering how much benefit it might give to me, as a blind simmer with little interest in visuals per se. I believe that it doesn't currently interface with any ATC, so the added realism of AI routing is a bit lost on me. Would I be better off looking into something like VoxATC, which "generates," its own AI traffic, which presumably obeys its routing instructions? I guess I'm just trying to figure out what role this program plays in the ad-on landscape. I know AI handling in default FSX is pretty bad, but I don't see a lot of the problems because I don't see the scenery
  10. THat's definitely interesting. I'm a bit wary of 3D icons though, I'll have to see how much, if any, of this I can access. Thanks for the pointer, at least. I honestly can't get anything from the screenshots.
  11. Hi All, I wasn't quite sure how to put this, but was wondering if their were any admins that might help me get a sense of what's around me at any given time. It's impossible for me to see the FSX map, let alone look outside the cockpit. I guess i'm hoping for some kind of "points of interest," feature, which might give me the bearing to any nearby VORs/cities/airports. I like the idea of being able to do my own route planning at some point, so a tool like this might be helpful for more than sigh-seeing. The key point for my purposes would have to be a non-graphical interface, which seems to limit a lot of the "moving map," style programs, unfortunately. Any thoughts would be appreciated. ItsYourPlane's flight following announcements kind of serve this purpose, but of course are mostly focused on cities.
  12. I hate to be difficult, but this fails to work consistently for me. I have confirmed that the correct runway is being spoken, and as far as I know I should be able to slew from my gate. Note that i got it to work once, but that it is inconsistent at best. Starting from Gate Bravo 10, which MCE correctly identifies when asked for a position, it nevertheless refuses to move me consistently. I'm baffled and rather annoyed, as the failures seem entirely random.
  13. Thanks, that looks pretty neat. I don't think it's in the budget at the moment, but hopefully soon.
  14. I don't, but thanks. WIll keep it in mind if I decide to look into GSX. Hadn't heard much about it before.
  15. Yep, it's KSEA, runway 16L. I had no problem when I tried flying out of KPDX, but KSEA gives me trouble every time. Can't taxi without being able to see the airport
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