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  1. Apology accepted. Following your suggestion, I have checked the control settings and they are as follows. Event Ailerons axis Left toe Reverse unchecked Event Brake Left axis Blank No reverse box Event Brake Right axis Blank No reverse box Event Elevator axis Right toe Reverse unchecked Bill MacLeod
  2. I didn't know there was any other way to use fsx other than automatically (and very stupidly)...In other words ( get over yourself ). Bill MacLeod
  3. Hi Romain, I have not checked the axes, just plugged the new pedals in... RTO still wouldn't engage. Then tried with the pedals disconnected, same result. I have no Idea what a fsuipc is. Bill MacLeod
  4. I'm not an expert but from what I have read about fsx it works best on windows 7-64 bit. I have read of people having problems with fsx on other operating systems. Bill MacLeod
  5. O.K. Tried getting new rudder pedals...that didn't work. Tried unplugging the rudder pedals...that didn't work. Problem still persists, can't take off. Bill MacLeod
  6. FS2crew FO Global voice NGX Reboot does not work. I was told it was because I did not have the base package. All I want to know is ... where do I get the base package? Bill MacLeod
  7. Hi Stefan...no good having a crew without an aircraft to fly them in. Yes I do have the NGX. I bought the NGX reboot, complained it did not work and was told I needed the base package, hence the content of my post. Bill MacLeod
  8. O.K. so I downloaded it...now where do I get the base package so I can actually use the damn thing. Bill MacLeod
  9. Thanks Kyle I will try that. Bill MacLeod
  10. I have Saitek rudder pedals with toe-brakes. This might be the problem they have been dysfunctional lately when I am on a take-off roll with other aircraft, if I touch the pedals even slightly, the plane banks to the left on the runway. I have tried looking at the flight control synoptic on the 777 and just touching the rudder pedals, when I do this the left ailerons are activated. Bill MacLeod
  11. Hi Kyle, I have parking brake set (Ctrl+.). Last thing I do before I advance the throttle is release the parking brake. The only difference from other flights is that I haven't switched the central fuel pumps off. Bill MacLeod
  12. A couple of times now, when setting up the cockpit in the 777. I have left clicked the RTO knob, it moves over to RTO then flicks back to the off position. I have tried taking off with it in the off position - engaged TOGA and the aircraft would not reach V1. Bill MacLeod
  13. Thanks Michael, for the pioneers of aviation every flight was a tutorial flight. Bill MacLeod
  14. I tried to find the file, search revealed no results. So I had a look at the stars for Schipol on the chart-Rwy ILS 18R is a night hours only approach. 21.30-05.30. Chart states ILS 18R RNAV (night) Bill MacLeod
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