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  1. Hello! I've been doing more flight simulation due to the pandemic. I decided to fly from CYTZ on FSX. I noticed that in my scenery, there were office buildings literally in the middle of the water surrounding the airport (around the airport and lake Ontario). The airport (CYTZ) and the city of Toronto are okay, but I have building objects protruding from the water where there shouldn't be any. I'm pretty sure that maybe it was a corrupt install from years ago more than likely. I've refreshed all the files of FSX:SE, and checked vectors with ORBYX. Is there any fix to get these buildings that don't belong there out of the scenery? I've even tried using a scenery editor, but I have to admit I'm clueless what, if anything, I should be looking for. Kind regards, Marco
  2. Hello! Will anybody be creating the livery for Buzz (PMDG B738WL)? Ryan Air will be transferring 25 B738's to this brand. The livery image is on: https://corporate.ryanair.com/news/ryanair-sun-to-be-rebranded-as-buzz-in-autumn-2019/ Regards, Marco
  3. Hello! WestJet (Canada) has a new subsidiary airline called Swoop becoming operational spring 2018. This airline just started making ticket sales yesterday. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swoop_(airline) Is there any chance that somebody might have the time to look into creating a PMDG livery for the B737-800WL Swoop? Thanks in advance! And keep up the good work! Marco
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