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  1. yes Sir Boomer i t is yes every one speaks english or Australian english on here
  2. Hello t here P3d simmers out there happy 2017 welcome to a bright new yr of flight simmin n ways i got a new communty out there if any buddy who flys p3d would like to come fly with us at the VFDs =flight simming community we are a bunch of really nice guys who got tired of Ego trips on other server but a server of really just here to have fun and fly simulation and enjoy each other company if in one is interested stop by our team speak at and Yes we support P3d Fsx and Dcs world for flight simulation feel free n stop by Happy flyings ya all
  3. Yah ill just go back to the preivious version simmer head for a wile 3.4.9 is fine by me
  4. why does p3d have so many ctd issues in the newest updates seen way too many crashes ???????????????? i kinda frown on doing updates wen somthings working you dont fix it and then break it lol ha n ways i find it madding that p3d keeps going with updates with ctd issues Lets Hope the next editon they fix ctd issues.
  5. :smile: Hey every body could some one tell me what going on with P3d. 3.4 18870 I Get a crash to Desktop wen I try switching aircraft From the default F22 too the J3 piper cub it Crashes to desk top i cant even see the error for p3d in the event viewer this really ........... me off i pay 60$ and just wen to get th upgrad to p3d and it ctd it keeps happen i ve tryed 5 times same results can some one tell me what going on here ?????????
  6. l would recommend american truck simulator or europe truck sim 2 pretty simple and fun driving18 wheelers on the sim is a blast you also get a radio you can listen to in the truck sim pretty cool
  7. :smile: :wink: Hey every body i am new here im bush pilot 1984 i do fly p3d xplane and rc model aircraft simulators just thought id introduce my self . i also am a part of a new flight sim and other game community over at The Flight sim x co group were a fairly New Group of guys if any body would like to come pay us a visit feel free here our team speak ip : https://www.tsviewer.com/index.php?page=ts_viewer&ID=1088899
  8. i finally did a test guys n found that p3d 3.4 work right on windows 32, bit N not 64 bit i find win 7 32 bit works b etter for my p3d i did some testing and find it works quite welll #resolution too my issue is windows 32 bit fixed my issues i was having on 64 bit windows 7 i think for a wile ill be using this till -p3d goes all out 64 bit os in the next yr or 2 i would assume :wink: :smile:
  9. http://generalaviationnews.com/2016/11/30/first-flight-stratos-714/ Pretty dang cool looking jet
  10. cause of the orbix scenery I am helping run a virtual flight school at the flight sim co i got p3d one of 3 p3d users there thats why donor plus i dont like xp10 menu to setup my hotas x with xp 10........... so ill wait till then ill use p3d Not happen ill wai t till feburay n getthe v11 xp ll i See orbix relased some more stuff today man
  11. Well yes i am getting close too 100 fps in xplane IM running the Nvidia Gforce 1060 man it a good card for what i paid for it
  12. I know x plane 10 runs a lot smoother on my pc then p3d perfect no fps loss jcomm on xplane. wander why but that great news going to be doing both p3d n xp11 in 2017 jcomm No more fsx or steam period hehe hey jcomm i get on team speak do you ??
  13. yah 60 is good jcom iwish i could get 200 fps a second ha is that too much to wish for
  14. i like the computer i just dont like the orbix stuff laggin n stuff ill keep it but probbly switching scenery maker unfornitly Going to probbly go with mega earth scenery it sucks i cant use ftx orbix all product al;;; togher I think orbix is really hard on my system man truly but i just run global base n the us west coast region
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