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  1. PMDG is not the problem, it's Prepar3D addons (sceneries, shaders, weather, textures...) that sometimes require so much time and headaches with configuring them...
  2. Dear Henrik, thanks for your reply. Yes Orbx elevation tool is rather unreliable. The stangest thing is that is not even displays EGKK in neither of the two columns!! SO I can't move it from the column where the elevation corrections are applied or the other way round.. Anyway, I realized that I was not following one of the main indication in the 737 manual, this is to say to avoid using the PMDG plane as default one. Actually using Simstarter NG is not clear which plane has to be considered the default one so what I did yesterday was loading the sim with the Bonanza and then load the saved flight while I was beginning the descent toward EHAM. I had no signs of the issue anymore but I got some weird behaviors like aircraft cold and dark after loading scenario, etc.. I also added a null zone to the differential brakes on the pedals. So, in the end I managed to complete the tutorial flight but spent so much time testing, configuring, swearing for a CTD, waiting for P3d to load (instead of flying) ... that I'm beginning to think that if PMDG would release another plane besides DC-6 for X-Plane I'd seriously think about switching to XP! Thanks again for your help! Ciao Adriano
  3. I'm going to set up a signature right now! Adriano Massi
  4. I did originally signed my first one with full name and surname, you did I have to sign any other replies I wrote? Yes, first thing I'll do is check the pedals and hope I'll be able to fly the NGX!
  5. Yes, I'm using them. I suppose I'd be seeing the red "brake" label on the lower left of the screen would they be acting on differential brakes, but it's surely worth a recalibration and dead zone increase. Thanks Harvester!
  6. Thanks Scandinavian, I know! I'm a developer. Actually I'd be very surprised about the NGX code having anything related to the problem since the long time it's on the scene and the number of updates it had. But it could be something else related to elevation misconfiguration or whatever else that is brought to surface by using the NGX rather than any other less complex aircraft. So I wrote here wondering if any other NGX pilot has ever experienced the same behavior.
  7. Thanks for your reply Victroos, brakes are not applied, I tried applying and releasing them to test it N1 is about 91%, automatically rated after clicking TOGA i've the free version of fsuipc but never messed with that, other planes seems to be not showing this problem Nothing installed that should affect ground friction (AFAIK)
  8. Hello, after a total reinstall of all my P3D V4.2 I tried taking off from Gatwick with the standard PMDG House 737-800 with winglets. I'm following PMDG 737 tutorial 1 (EGKK - EHAM) The problem is that after applying TOGA the plane' speed raises very slowly, like having brakes applied. In the end the plane reaches the end of the runway at 120Kts at best and looks like it's sticked to the runway even if I roll the nose up. Sometimes after some simulator/pc restarts everything goes normal and the plane accelerates normally, but most of the times it doesn't. The 737's wheels seem to be 1/4 sunk in the runway, I don't know if that's could be related to my issue. I did the ORBX Vector elevation adjustment I'm not sure this is a problem related to the plane, but I'm trying posting this issue here in case somebody had the same problem and could point me to the right direction to fix it I'm using: ORBX Global, Europe, England, Vector Envshade UK 2000 Gatwick (P3D V4 Compatible) REX Thanks for your attention Cheers Adriano Massi
  9. Right now downloading my third PMDG aircraft (DC 6 for P3D). Just feeling the urge to say a huge thank you to all the PMDG team. Flight simming for me would be much, much less interesting, stimulating and enjoyable without your incredible simulations. You guys really rock. Thanks! Adriano Massi
  10. Thanks Kyle and Mike! I was not even knowing about the 748 expansion! Just downloaded the type rating tutorial and back to studying Thanks again Cheers Adriano Massi
  11. Dear friends, I'm almost new to PMDG jetliners but I nevertheless already purchased both the new 747 and the 737! I was never expecting such a change from other (even payware) aircrafts and that not only about system depth simulation, but in the very bare hand handling of them! Thank you for your hard work! My question is about the 2nd tutorial that is mentioned as upcoming in the 1st one (and unique so far). Would it be possible to know if and when will it be released? I'm eager to learn more about the 747-400. Thanks Best regards Adriano Massi
  12. Dear Friends, I've purchased the 747 from you yesterday. I'm just wondering about if it's normal that haven't receive any email from you about my purchase. Also, in the PayPal receipt, the item description is blank. I was able to download and install the new bird, but it just feels awkward not getting a purchase confirmation. Please advise PS The 747 is awesome!!! Great Job! Thanks Cheers Adriano
  13. Your answer is another confirmation of the truly high level of quality and dedication you all put in this work. I'm very glad to hear that the FO course and the 777 ones have this problem already resolved Thank you! Ciao Adriano
  14. Dear Friends, I'm going through the Q400 Cadet course. As I previously stated in another post you indeed did an awesome job. Just a little remark: the pilot speaking (Josh I suppose) is often hard to understand cause he really rushes through his speech! I think lot of people that are not born in english speaking countries could have some difficulty grasping what he says. Sometimes I really struggle and have to skip something hopefully not fundamental. Maybe a little effort on his side to speak a bit slower could change the game for the better for all of us! Thanks again for this great training resource Ciao! Adriano
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