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  1. And it runs just as fluid as the 777! Just too bad that many VA's have begun to remove 747 flights from the schedules.. Maybe they will return now? Flew to VHHH today as well, there is something special about the approach there Perfect, thanks! Now I can even leave the house without worrying that someone might move the joystick by accident. Is there any possibility to roll that particular setting back to the 777? It only has the option to edit the sensitivity, but not to turn the joystick off alltogether. It is not urgent, but I do perform subtle barrell rolls occasionally, though that is mostly my fault or the Z-Axis having a particularly bad day. Somehow I also broke the knob for the minimums, it won't turn on. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to have a cockpit tour at 2AM? Well anyways, the first flight was a complete success!
  2. You are not, I just managed to solve the little problem I had and forgot to edit the title. During the first departure LNAV would disconnect seemingly at random, followed by the AP, despite not anything being wrong, like a route discontinuity. But I figured out that the CTL Column Null Zone must have been too sensitive for my joystick (and every time I moved the camera angle this happened) and edited it, so that it now works flawlessly. It had me panicked a bit, but everything is just as perfect as I expected it to be :smile:
  3. I know that these threads exist already, but I love the Queen so much already that I just felt I should tell you about that. When it released (About 1AM here) I bought it right away, but I only now got the chance to set up a flight and we're currently climbing to FL350. And so far.. She is simply amazing. The FPS are really good, probably better than with the 777, or at least for me they are. This is not an objective review after all. I would have gladly paid way more than the price you ask for and in all honesty you could surely ask for more than you do. Thank you for the hard work and for such an amazing addition to the hangar (or rather the flagship of said hangar?)!
  4. Oh no-no-no-no-no. They take off and we finish the rest after downloading! If they did something like that, I would really die from the suspense
  5. Would there be literally any other reason for him to tease us at like 7AM, just one day after the last announcement? I want to believe lol
  6. Robert, you truely deserve to be awarded the title of "Ultimate Hype-Man". You have mastered that art
  7. Just thought I would share my testing flight: I'm going to fly from somewhere (not sure from where yet) to Dubai / OMDB. From Europe it's just around 6h of flight and perfect to play around during the cruise. And for me, Dubai is perfect to train approach and land, because there is rarely any wind at all, so I can use any of the runways (which are nice and long). First into 12L for example, touch and go and then into a hold. From there you can get almost directly into the final for 30L or 30R, touch and go and repeat the procedure until you are tired of it. Only thing missing at this point is the actual 747 :wub:
  8. That is exactly my way of thinking as well. I really enjoy flying the 777 and the 737 and while the T7 is without a doubt a brilliant workhorse that gets anything done, I never felt any attachment. It's not like I don't enjoy flying her, because I really do. But after any flight I really feel indifferent. A job well done but that is usually it. The 737 feels different.. I don't know exactly why, maybe the abundance of switches and the more manual and mechanical touch it has? The 747 on the other hand embodies all that is great for me
  9. Completely by hand? Is there any reason behind them doing that? Like upholding a company tradition perhaps? I didn't know anyone would hand paint a real 747.. That is quite a bit of work after all. Personally I really appreciate that every of their 747's is a bit different in it's own sense. Makes it feel less like a mass-produced anonymous jet
  10. And this is just how our male brains work. They could have written "Blablabla" into there and it would have had the exact same effect on us I'll be checking in a few times tonight, but not too often either
  11. What they probably meant: "Go away, it's not releasing today!" What I read: "It is not releasing right NOW. But in 1h"
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