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  1. Hello everyone Flight sim global can no longer do any paints for me because they don't have time and have rebranded my airline since the VC 10 is now released so i am looking for someone to help me again. I need the following aircraft repainted - Bac-1-11 500 Just flight, VC10 - just flight and Caravair -Flight replicas. HS748 just flight I have a new logo I just need someone to paint he planes.
  2. my name is there in my first post i havent change my name since i posted it :/
  3. Sorry, i actually find the AFE information is a bit vague there's a sentence there that says to help you manage everything that's going on, To me that also implies fuel selectors, it also says when you click the abort button I should be able to get control. well, that isn't happening for me when I press abort it doesn't give me control and it also says the only notable exception is taking and flying. Fuel isn't mentioned:/ Never mind its much further down in the manual found it
  4. I sorted this out by reinstalling but I'm confused by the afe does he control my throttles all the time because on approach i cant slow down when you choose in range and before landing sometimes he gives me back control of throttles sometimes he doesn't, Also I've just done my first proper flight only from Cardiff to Heathrow and I noticed that the AFE did not change to aux fuel tank when the main ones were empty, and kept randomly throttling back the outer engines.
  5. Hey, i have a problem with the P3D V4 version, when using the flight engineer to take off (dry) when it moves the throttles to 100 % it only moves one of them not all of them, I have a Saitek throttle set up though fsuipc I also noticed that when I did it manually I couldn't to exceed 62 in ground speed on full power at 50 % load. Any ideas how to fix this? James O'sullivan
  6. So im confused, the activation number i was sent today is valid or not?
  7. Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help me with my fleet repaints, (Dragon Air international) I already have one made for me for my JFHS748 but since the service pack they released it seems to have stopped working. I am in need of someone to help me get that paint working again somehow and also paint some others for me in the same livery style. I've already tried http://www.fs-repaints.co.uk/ who took my money and didn't provide any work (paypal sorted that out) I will need this livery http://i1064.photobucket.com/albums/u376/jimos87/DAI%201_zpsfa6u2woy.jpg or similar applied to these aircraft if possible Just flight HS748 (Paint kit available) Just flight DC-8 30 (Paint Kit available) Just flight BAC1-11 (Paint kit Available) Milviz 737-200 (Paint kit Alliable) Just flight F27 (Paint kit Available) Just flight/CLS DC-10 (Paint kit Alliable) if anyone is able to help me please let me know, I've tried doing this myself but i can't work it out.
  8. I just tried it out i like the idea, will we be able to record the camera movment into the camera preset? right now i had to record while i was moving the slider around?
  9. Is the static camera implemented yet my options are greyed out and it says no camera in area, but in p3d 3.4 i can choose a static camera that takes me to a random place in the world?
  10. Is it normal not to have the turbulance effects when playing back flight recordings to make videos?
  11. Have any of you experience any CTD in p3d 3.4 with this, I can't use the DC-10 HD in p3d becuase it crashes after about 2 hours of flight.
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