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  1. pippin1811

    Speech recognition training not working

    Hi Dave, Thanks for responding. I do have the 11 scripts, and I have been clicking the training button in the LH box. I tried running the trainer as administrator and pretty much everytning else I could think of. Absolutely no joy. P2A is working and generally the interaction is right first time, just a few phrases where my pronounciation/accent is clearly not what WSR is expecting ! If you think of anything else or can add a debug mode in a future update that might identifiy the problem please let me know. Great program overall.
  2. pippin1811

    Speech recognition training not working

    Hi Dave, Thanks for the quick resoponse. While I have several SAPI voices installed, US English is the primary default language at the top of the list. I tried your advanced settings ideas with no joy, i have even tried running the P2A language trainer directly. Clicking the button does nothing, not even an error popup so not easy to debug. I tried a bunch of other settings in windows voice recognition, did the standard training sessions again with no change. I've run out of ideas ! However since it works on your system it must be something on my setup - Windows 10 Pro fully updated. I've found the training scripts and have been loading them into notepad and making copies, correcting as I go along. I believe that WSR learns as you correct so that may help a little with some of the phrases.
  3. Hi Dave, I've just installed Pilot2ATC and everything is working as I would expect, but the speech recognition could do with a bit more training. I tried the process described in pages 66-67 of the manual, but clicking the "train" button does nothing. I do see that the current version has some more options than the manual, I have tried each one. I've gone through 2.5, and just now with the same effect. I have done the 2 standard windows speech training sessions and in those cases the "Welcome to speech recognition voice training" window popped up and the following traingin windows did their usual thing of working through the phrases. The built in practice phrases in grammer help work well, just the odd P2A specific phrase (or part of) that doesn't always trigger. I've read the manual carefully to see if I need to enable something to get windows training working - I can't see anything but feel free to correct me. Thanks for your help and the great program.
  4. Hi @wb5okj, I only have time to check forums occasionally so just seen your post. I don't have the Alabeo Mooney, but I do have the AFM version. I do have plenty of Carenado/Alabeo X Plane aircraft and I would say that universally they always look really good inside and out, generally fly OK and have all the major instruments but simplified system modelling. They normally come with copies of checklists, but very rarely a proper manual. I bought the AFM a couple of months ago with some trepidation as early access is a concern, particularly if one is also a DCS World user ! I have to say I have not regretted my purchase and the AFM Ovation is one of my "got to" aircraft. The AFM version has pretty detailed system modelling, for example the VSI lags behind much as a real one would, electrical systems are modelled in some detail including all the circuit breakers, the oxygen system is in place and a functional TKS system was recently added for icing situations. The external model looks good, the internal cockpit is OK but I would say most of the internal effort has gone into the instruments themselves. That said the developers are very responsive and push out regular updates (maybe once or twice a month) and the internal cockpit model has been highlighted as due for some serious work. The early access bit really kicks in with the supporting menus, the load manager for example, where there are a lot of placeholders. However v2.1 has been promised this month with a lot of this filled out along with some other substantial improvements. For the price you get 2 versions of the Ovation - II & III which are more or less the same base plane with analogue gauges (II) or the newish LR G1000 (III). Recently announced is a 3rd version in the package, the turbocharged Acclaim version adding 30 - 40 kts top speed all the way up to 25000ft. The dev team are promising hypoxia simulation at some point as well. The 2 current versions are modelled separately with different systems so this is more than the same plane with a G1000 slapped on. In fact the G1000 model looks to be getting some interesting tweaks as well. You get some decent documentation as well, a POH explaining all the features, checklists and performance tables. So overall you can probably tell I am and enthusiastic user, the developer is responsive, cranks out regular improvements at a steady rate and generally of some quality and right now the plane is fully usable. The "III" works completely in VR, the "II" almost and again the imminent update promises to get both to the same VT level. VR is not for everyone, but I only fly in VR now and this model is really good in terms of clarity and performance. So if you want a model that looks great, ready to go & 100% finished with no messing about - the Alabeo is likely a good choice. If you want a model that is tuned to the nth degree with a detailed system, is usable now and probably 95% complete + a developer with a consistent track record of working on their product - the AFM is also a good choice. I have not hesitation recommending the AFM. Any Alabeo Mooney users might be willing to chip in with their thoughts so you get a balanced view.