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  1. You are correct, the switches do work with FSUIPC, but the issue is that from a lights perspective and some of the other 737 overhead switches there is no mapping in FSUIPC. All I am trying to do is get the lights to come on at night. :)
  2. I tested all the physical switches and made sure they work in Prosim737. I can see the movement in the Panels Window. As soon as I start up the simulator, the switches stop working when I see the panel. These switches are connected to a leo bodnar card. I have 2 of them. I read somewhere that you cant have multiple. When I disconnected one of them, and went thru the same process, the same issue. Having said that, is that a Prosim737 issue or a Simulator issue? Using Prepar3d V4, Prosim737 V2.
  3. I bought a throttle quadrant more than a year ago from flightsimpm. It’s great for the price. Does anyone have any instructions to motorize it?
  4. Thanks. For all your help. The model is easy to configure and very smooth . The issue is that my buttons don’t work when I look at the overhead fwd panel. Just the light buttons. All others work.
  5. With the version of prosim737, the startup still works. Now its only lights that are an issue..
  6. Thanks.. I will look for it.. I am on Prosim V2 and prepar3d v4
  7. I am using PMDG737. I have to use ProSim to connect all the overhead, MIP, buttons to the simulator. I have other HW that needs ProSim to connect to the Simulator
  8. Where can I get the Jetstream model? I have looked everywhere for it. It is not there on the Prosim site. Also what is icw model V2.6x?
  9. Yes. it works sorta.. you may not see some of the devices move but it works..
  10. When I upgraded to the latest version, I could never get the engines to start. I am using an actual overhead connected to the sim via Prosim737. It took me a long time to figure out the combinations to get it to work. This is what I came up with that actually works. I use an Opencockpits CDU/MCP/EFIS. So I don't get to see some of the PMDG options that most have used in their startup document. Any updates or suggestions? -- 1. Battery ON 2. Standby Power ON 3. GRD Power ON 4. Elec Pumps 1 & 2 OFF 5. Emergency Lights Armed 6. Cross Feed off 7. Left Fuel Pump ON 8. APU Start 9. CAB/UTIL & IFE/PAS ON 10. Window heat ON 11. Equip Cool NORM 12. Chime and Seat belt ON 13. Bus Trans >> APU Gen ON 14. L & R Circ ON 15. Isolation ON 16. Eng Bleed ON 17. APU Bleed ON 18. Set FLT AT & ALT LAND 19. Pos light on 20. FD ON 21. SET FMC 22. Set Radios 23. A/T RAM 24. Set Hdg/Speed 25. All fuel pumps ON 26. Elect Pumps ON 27. L & R Pack OFF 28. Anti Col light on 29. Ign swtch L 1 30. Switch to grnd
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