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  1. Good news! Finally I got the mic working. I only been able to make it work using an USB headset or an adapter for the two jacks of my regular headset to USB. Both devices install custom drivers, so my guess is that something on my configuration makes P2A very fussy about drivers (my regular driver is Realtek High Definition Audio) Anyway, Dave, thanks for the support. Finally I will be able to evaluate your work which at first view seems an amazing piece of software. Regards
  2. Hi Dave I have already checked that is all on, but the truth is that P2A is not in the list of the applications which request microphone access. I don't know if this is normal because is not an Store app. Kind regards
  3. Hi Chuck I have already checked , the mic is selected and the green bar shows the activity when I speak. The mic is working with Cortana, voice recorder, etc... It seems that the problem is only in P2A. Thanks anyway
  4. Hi, sorry, at this moment I don't have another computer to do more testing. I have tries 2 microphones with jack and the integrated one. Maybe next week I'll have access to an USB headset. Regards.
  5. Hi Dave, The permissions for authenticated users was right on the folder. I have installed the update package but not yet working. This is the content of the folder, maybe you see something weird Regards!
  6. Hi again Dave, Yes, en-US was on the top of the list. Anyway, I have set the values of Override that you have gave me but still it is not working. Thank you Dave
  7. Hi Dave, yes, I have set the microphone as default and the way that I use to speak to the Grmr Helper is similar to the way you describe, but nothing.... Thank you
  8. Hi, I´m getting the 3 lines on beta 7: Simulator Connected Recognition Engine Installed Grammars Loaded But the same problem testing with Grmr Help Regards
  9. I think that they are appearing, but I will able to confirm you in half an hour or so, my X-Plane is updating to beta 7 right now and seems that the server is slow. Thanks
  10. Hi, I am evaluating the version with a trial license. On my Windows 10, I have changed my native culture pack (es_ES) to en_US by default. Voices downloaded, "language you speak with your device" changed to english and "recognize non-native accents" checked, voice training done... Installed XPUIPC and P2A is connecting just fine with X-Plane 11, but it is failing to me the most basic feature because P2A seems that it can't hear me at all. In order to do the most simple test, I´m just trying to use "Grmr Help" and using the most simples sentences as "Say Altimeter" , "Ready to Copy" , etc. but I always have the green message "Full text:" and nothing more. I have tried several things: run as administrator, compatibility modes (8 and 7), lowering the michropone settings to 44100 Hz, but I always had the same result. I have done the tests with the headset's microphone and with the integrated one of my laptop and aren´t working with P2A, but both are working just fine with Cortana. This is the log of starting the P2A, test in "Grmr Help" and close again: Program StartedPilot 2 ATC (P2A) - version 01/20/2017 16:53:20 Pilot2ATC_200.exe Information 0 SAPI does not implement phonetic alphabet selection. Speech Recog Started Speech Recog Restarted Handle Recognized Speech Started Application frmP2AMain started Anybody with a similar problem? Regards.
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