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  1. Greetings, I know Im oppening to many post, but the fever for flight sim is too high now :smile: , I just opened a post talking about the 3.4 GB is VAS starting a flight with PMDG 737 in latinVFR KMIA, the questions is, if I add Miami X city, my fsx will explode(OOM error)? can I fly to or from Miami with those tow add on to another aftermarket airport like KJFK without OOM errors? What are your experiences? Regards.
  2. I certify, I did it during a flight and the VAS went down 200 mb right away.
  3. Hi Stuart, thanks for your response, just one thing, I noticed with KMIA airport after departing when I was few miles away an immediate drop in the VAS of 500 mb, I notice that and I turn the view to the airport again and when I had it in sight boom VAS jumpud 500 mb to 3.4 GB again, I turned my head again to my panel away from the airport and boom 2.9 GB again so FSX is dropping the airport from the VAS, what i mean disable airports from the scenery library it will really help? it seems to me that fsx is already drooping airports from VAS when not used. hello Bill, My doubt will be if the VAS will not explode from KJFK to KMIA instead, it seems to me that fsdt did a pretty good job with memory management, I never got OOM error flying to JKFK or KORD but I got them with Fly Tampa and LatinVFR scenarios.
  4. Greetings, After buying LatinVFR-Miami I got again OOM problems landing at KMIA after departing FSDT KORD, I decided too start to monitoring the VAS and for my surprise after made an initial load of a free flight with PMDG 737 parked at KMIA my VAS was already in 3.4 GB, I made a flight to FSDT KJFK, and I was able to land without any OOM problems but during all flight the VAS was arround 2.5 GB and when I landed in JFK it reached again 3.4 GB, is this a normal behavior of FSX? Add on installed: AS16 + REX Soft clouds Fly Tampa CYUL FSDT KORD FSDT KJFK LatinVFR KMIA PMDG 737.
  5. Hello, About 2 weeks ago I finally made my choice and I bought AS16 with REX Soft Clouds, and Im very happy with the result, Using the function of real weather in AS16 I took off from JFK with clear skies and landed in chicago with total overcast, I guess ASCA and the dynamic textures really do their job when you are choosing the weather you want to fly, but with real weather I still dont found the use for ASCA, but Im not expert in these software's so better wait for other ones opinions.
  6. Greetings, Principally, I'm asking because, if a configuration like mine should go at 30 or 50 or 100, that means there something wrong with my config and I'll like to fix'it, at least for now 15 fps is smooth for me, but I have in mind add ORBX global textures, and I'm afraid that will kill my FPS.
  7. Greetings everyone, Today I will ask your help by asking you a simple question, what are your average FPS in FSX-SE? My computer is a: CPU: AMD FX 9350 Back edition 4.7 Mhz liquid cooled VIDEO: AMD MSI 390 8 GB MEMORY: 16GB corsair DDR3 1866 MHZ HARD DRIVE: 512 GB SSD + OCZ 256 GB SSD Windows 10. Products installed: FSX-SE, Fly-Tampa Montreal, Fsdt JFK V2, Fsdt Chicago O'hare, AS16 + REX SoftClouds, PMDG 737. In JFK in ground I get 15 fps in the virtual cockpit and around 22 fps outside In the air the average can go up at 28 in the virtual cockpit 35 outside, with some random 50 fps picks. Is this normal or low for my setup?
  8. Greetings, You dont have OOM problems? Im planning also to add AS16 + asca, is not too much overkill?
  9. Greetings, I'm reentering in the fsx world, and I wasn't aware that were so many add-ons, I just added PMDG 737 and FlyTampa Montreal and FSDT JFK and I'm really enjoying them, but I want more, I want to improve the overall quality of the rest of the north America area, now I find I have two possibilities: - ORBX with FTX Global vector and etc. or - GEX North America with UTX Canada. This is the thing, I'm planning to fly on NorthAmerica only, I got spoiled by Fly Tampa and Fsdt and I only want to fly to after market airports, that why I'm ruling out to fly South America (Use to be my favorite place to fly, but too few or none Aftermarket airports), what are your recommendations? I'm afraid of OOM errors, I already got them and I only have 3 scenery installed (MONTREAL JFK and ORBX Iceland). Thanks in advance for your responses.
  10. But thing I don't understand, if with as16 download real weather, and in the real weather it says that Ibiza is sunny and London is rainy, the weather will not change during the fly?
  11. Greetings, I never used any kind of weather addon in my life, and well I decided to reenter the fsx world again, and well I want to do it good, so I downloaded AS16 and I tested it and it was a positive experience, the effect of passing through clous was amazing, the turbulence were more realistic, capacity off dowload real weather was cool to, but after reading so many post Im still confuse, AS16 from where I saw is a weather engine as ASN, but my conclusion from all I read ASN got something that now is missing from AS16 but is present in ASCA, so far I undertand that ASCA is textures + something else and ASN minus the something else is the equivalent of AS16, can somebody tell me what is the adittional functionality of ASCA that is no longer present in AS16 but it was present in ASN. Also I read that the SoftClouds textures are really good and you can mix AS16 + ASCA + SoftClouds, now my questions is: if AS16 is a weather engine and sofclouds is the textures why you need ASCA? Thank in advance for your responses.
  12. About the specs of my computer: CPU AMD FX 9590 Black Edition 4.7 GHz. Memory 16 GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1866 Mhz Motherboard Gigabyte 990fxa UD3 Video: MSI AMD 390 8GB of memory Hard drive: CRUCIAL MX300 512 GB Monitor: DELL 34 Ultra-wide 3440x1440 Acer 29 1980x1080 Is poor performance to my aspiration, but it seems I'm at the average of the Sim population. My frustration comes is because I'm able to play games that will put any computer on his knees but still runs better than a 2007 FSX. Regards.
  13. Greetings everyone, After many years away from the sims worlds, I decided to return, and of course I did it with the Sim that got me in this world for the first time MS Flight Simulator, Many years ago I started with FS95, the I moved to FS98 passed through FS2000 then 2002 and then 2004 with a brief moment of Terminal reality Fly!, when FSX went out, I installed it, at that time made I few flights but I stopped and never continued until now, Because of the limitation of the original aircraft I just bought also PMDG 737 and couple of airports, but for my sad surprise I wasn't aware of the limitation of the 32 bits DX9 architecture, even with my new pc able to run DOOM (the new one) in ultra high in 3440*1440 res at 40 fps, the performance in fsx is just not has good as I thought it will be, 9 to 15 fps in approach and ground, 22 to 28 on fly at high altitude. Now my questions and the of the point this post, Lockheed took the mantle and the development with P3D, but my questions are the following: - How similar and/or different is FSX from P3D? is just cosmetic or are really changes in the core? - Is P3D 32bit or 64 bit? - It solve the issues related too poor management of memory in FSX? - P3D it take more advantage of the GPU and relies less on CPU power? - Is planned to make it work with DX11? Why I ask all this?, well I want to be sure if I decide to migrate to P3D all my frustration related to FSX this past weeks, will go away, really I dont want to find myself again in another dead-end. Thanks in advance and Regards.
  14. Greetings, I found the behavior weird, I know this plane is light years better than the fsx 737, but that model is so easy to fly, this one is so tail happy... Jorge Lazaro.
  15. Greetings. After I solved the issues with the autoland, I decided to start again with manual landings, but is hard because the yaw damper try to over compensate each time I slight roll the plane during the final approach making the tail of plane to wiggle too much. Notice that I checked if by any chance the autoruder was enabled, but no, is disabled. Jorge Lazaro.
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