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  1. Hi, AC3D is a tool with existing aerofly plugins. As shown in the developers forum we could add buildings, aircrafts and runways. This tool will be supported further on by IPACS. It is not freeware, but the price differs strongly from 3Dmax and Cinema4D.
  2. Hi, this is an update of the airport list. I added both the OrbX airports and linked all locations to google maps. Rodeo PS: Can't see how to add it here as an attachment. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwGOTx-xnyyWeFJxMzdyZjNGTVE
  3. I bought Meigs for 2 reasons: My flight sim career started there with FS4. I want to support OrbX to publish the large scenery patch. Actually, Meigs has been released too early, but the date was fixed by JV's birthday. They diminished the negative impression by the announcement of the large area. Rodeo
  4. LOWI will come to aerofly FS2, I'm strongly beliefing in it. Do you remember when John Venema mentioned in the OrbX forum, that Jarrad Marshall is on a trip to Europe, just some weeks ago? ... Have you seen the people's animation with the new Utah release? ... But I don't know when!
  5. Hi, this is exactly what I did. I have posted my experience here: http://www.ipacs.de/forum/showthread.php/7844-aerofly-FS-2-works-with-Samsung-GearVR?highlight=samsung+gear This is the setup to run aerofly FS 2 with the gearVR. Establish a lan/wlan Connection: Make sure, your pc is connected to a router, best with a lan cable. Make sure, your mobile phone is connected to the same router, best with fast wlan. Use a Cardboard app for Gear VR. Install the cardboard app on your mobile. Run the app and switch to cardboard mode. Without this the gearVR will automatically start the oculus home app as soon as you place your mobile into the gearVR. The cardboard app allows to toggle between cardboard mode and gearVR mode. Attention: The suggested app 'Use Cardboard app for Gear VR' does not work anymore due to lacking license server. Search for another product. VRidge: Install the vridge app on your mobile. This enables RiftCat to connect to your headset. After start of the app it displays a connection code. https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...t.vridge&hl=de RiftCat: Install RiftCat vridge client on your pc and run the app. It will automatically find your mobile when vridge is enabled on both devices. https://riftcat.com/vridge Select the button Play Steam VR games in the riftcat application. Log into your steam account and select aerofly FS 2 simulator. Select Play in VR in the steam window. Enjoy!!! Addendum: Please take into account. You get only a low resolution from your mobile device. The mobile can only detect head turns. It does not detect leaning forward, sidewards as 'real' VR devices.
  6. Dear audience, user fariesen published a link in the steam forum. It shows a contribution in swiss television about using aerofly FS 2 for VR motion simulators. Enjoy the video: http://telez.ch/report.htm?videoid=205892544
  7. Yes, it is. IPACS just used my repaint for setting up the upload/download server. I suppose it will be available for the users after the weekend.
  8. This imagination is so incredible, I can't stop laughing! But I suppose, the risk of heart attacks is just too high.
  9. Caaront, thank you for these very impressive screenshots. I call them epic, telling a story about the fascination of flying. Hope to see some more! Regards Karl-Heinz
  10. There are many posts about shadows and clouds already, but I have hardly read about the visibilty setup in the weather menu. Have you ever tried to reduce visibility? Is there any influence to the fps rate? Does it improve or reduce immersion? I have to use this to run FS2 smoothly on my Qosmio laptop. Would be interesting to see the result with your ULTRA settings! Regards Karl-Heinz
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