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  1. after re-installing everything, it now works perfectly...many thanks marc
  2. hello everybody i received a virtual avionics EFIS737 Pro Unit, I installed the latest drivers, and tried it out in P3DV4.4 with the PMDG 737 NGX. I can only set the altimeter with the EFIS panel, nothing else. is there anything i have to set in P3D first? many thanks for your help Marc
  3. hi i managed to get it to work now...was a stupid thing actually....my windows automatic updates were disabled....when i enabled them again, and downloaded all the new updates, i was able to choose speech as a download in the recognition options... thanks a lot marc
  4. hi unfortunately no i just have Microsoft Speech Recognizer 8.0 for Windows Deutsch Deutschland *German Germany there*...cannot change that one... my location is set to united states, and my language is set to English United States marc
  5. hello everzbody i bought the 747 qots edition today, and installed everything. i then tried to switch my windows 10 home from german to english US, i can choose English United states, but when i go on options then, i just have a button to add a keyboard, but nothing to download speech and handwriting etc. i would like to ask if anybody had the same problems yet, and if yes, how did you solve them_ thanks a lot Marc
  6. hello everybody i tried to configure my 2nd joystick as a steering tiller for the 747 in p3dv4, via fsuipc. i deleted all regular control axis in p3d for the rudder and tiller. then i setup the tiller axis as Steering Set, and the rudder as regular rudder axis and calibrated it when i now taxi around, the steering tiller just steers the nose wheel, as it is supposed to do, but when i push the rudder pedals, the nose wheel turns along? is there any possibility to disengage that(resp to just have the few degrees like the real one?) many thanks for your help brgds Marc Marc Muller Luxembourg
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