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  1. paume

    Flight Level

    Should one expect to be told to climb to FL170 when the maximum altitude in the route is FL130? It makes a difference, since I'm flying a Cessna. Thanks.
  2. Hi Dave, I would too love to see an option to select the region for chatter in a future release of Pilot2ATC. Thanks.
  3. The gothic churches spread around randomly in many cities (not only Rome!) was for me the reason to ditch VFR World. I don't know what those developers where thinking. Btw, the video of Rome on the link you provide looks gorgeous!
  4. paume

    Any news Navigraph?

    Thanks, Dave. I guess I'll use Navigraph's own software to display the charts, since there's a lot of sorting involved that the program handles pretty well. I do look forward towards the integration with World Traffic's functions.
  5. paume

    Any news Navigraph?

    Hello, I have a Navigraph Charts subscription. Would it be possible for P2A to open Navigraph charts through the terps option? I don't know where Navigraph saves the charts locally yet alone how to access them from P2A. Thanks in advance, Pau