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  1. ChasePlane requires internet connection for the cameras to work. If the documentation didn't state that then you should try asking for a refund. There isn't a workaround for no internet unfortunately.
  2. ChasePlane just went back up for me. Update just got released.
  3. There's a new thread for exactly this issue. ChasePlane is not working for a lot of people at the moment by the looks of it. Seems the issue developed a few moments ago.
  4. Same here. It was working yesterday for me. I have not done anything to the sim since my last flight yesterday. I have submitted a support ticket.
  5. The vast majority of responses I see in that thread, including mine, are positive comments toward the kid and/or explaining the benefits to P3D. I see only a couple comments that are degrading, of which some people have already replied to those and asked them to back down. Overall, I don’t see the new PMDG forums as toxic for FSX users. In fact I never have while they here. I used FSX until just a couple months ago before finally switching to P3Dv4 because I had the money. I never felt I was treated poorly. Perhaps the reality is somewhere in-between our different experiences.
  6. PMDG has some of the best support I’ve seen... Do you already have a support account (not the same as your order account)? If yes, try again and see what happens. If no, create a support account and all you troubles should get resolved.
  7. I’m still getting used to the corrected ground effect myself. While I’m not leaving craters, my landings are definitely firm. I tend to flare about 3-4 degrees just before 30ft and smoothly reduce the throttle to idle just after 30ft. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I thought that the wings of the 747-400 and -8 both created a cushion effect, making both aircraft easy to grease. Of course a smooth landing is not in the criteria of a safe landing, but I can’t grease a landing even when I want to. Any tips?
  8. See I’ve read that a lot of people have done this, but I can’t seem to find one using Google. Perhaps I just don’t what keywords to type in but I’ll try again. Edit: Found one but it’s from 2010 and says TBD for anything 747-8 related.
  9. I’ll take a second look at the FCOM. The 747-8 doesn’t come with a FCTM, or if it does, it’s missing from the Ops Center for me.
  10. No particular source, mainly cockpit videos and even some -8 pilots commenting here on this very forum. I very well could be wrong but it’s just what I observed.
  11. Hello everyone. To my understanding, a lot of airlines use Flaps 25 as standard for landing but will increase to Flaps 30 depending on runway length and weather conditions. Assuming weather is calm, around what runway length would pilots start switching to Flaps 30? Also, while you’re here: What wind speed, crosswind component, and/or gust factor would justify Flaps 30? Thanks in advance.
  12. Definitely NG, almost definitely a MAX based off a hints.
  13. Thing is, it’s better to upgrade to V5 immediately even if PMDG does charge. You’ll have to upgrade eventually, so every product you buy for V4 that you could have bought for V5, and will eventually have to rebuy, is just wasted money.
  14. Guys, this thread started in 2015. Some things have changed and who knows what’s going on in PMDG’s internal talks. They may have already decided to do it, or they haven’t. Even if they have decided to do it, they won’t tell us until development is well underway. Give it a rest. If you really want to talk about it, rather than bringing up a 3 year old thread, go to the current thread “What will be the next project by PMDG”.
  15. I thought the -200ER only has three engine types, just like the 747-400 variants. Is there more to this or am I missing something? This isn’t a jab at PMDG btw, I just like learning more about aircraft at each opportunity.
  16. Thank you all! Problem resolved. Question though, do I have to turn back on gsx jetways when I load FSDT airports?
  17. I’m having an interesting problem with Ray Smith/Robert Catherall sceneries. Since there is no good payware airport with up to date runway configurations for KORD, I use their freeware scenery. On FSX, I didn’t have this problem. I just made the move to P3D, and suddenly I do have a problem (yes I downloaded Robert Catherall’s files for P3D). A picture speaks a thousand words, so I’ll attach a screenshot showing the problem rather than describing it. Link to Image
  18. I believe a few developers are leaving FSX behind. Even with PMDG you see v4 only features due to 32-bit limitations. We of course don’t know what PMDG plans to do in the future, but I wouldn’t be surprised if NG3 is their last product for FSX.
  19. I did but from how I understand, it’s just the client, not the entire install. Correct? Good to know, thanks. I’m surprised none of the sceneries have issues due to PBR. I would expect lighting issues and the like.
  20. But QW employees are part time. PMDG is full time, and I think(?) has a larger development team so I would expect a PMDG 787 to take the same amount of time as their other products if they choose to go ahead with one.
  21. Good to hear. I purchased a bunch of sceneries (DD, Flightbeam, FSDT, Orbx, and Rex4 Textures Direct + Soft Clouds) during the Black Friday sales in anticipation of buying P3D soon. It would be a real shame if I find out they have issues with v4.4. Although if there are issues...anyone have a full download v4.3 installer stored away? Edit: Maybe if I contact LM support they could send me over v4.3 if I find I need it.
  22. Thx for the help about installation. For those of you who installed v4.4 today, any issues with PMDG, Orbx, DD, Flightbeam, etc.?
  23. So quick question, I’ll be purchasing P3D for the first time after my new laptop arrives in a few days. Will I be able to use v4.3 if issues arise?
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