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  1. MSFS2020 will/has ushered in new and older flight sim enthusiast because of its commercial advertising and visual euphoria. This benefits all flight sim platforms because those people that become hooked usually want to see what the other platforms advantages/disadvantages are and will more than likely pay to play those platforms. In my opinion, any new major flight sim release is good for all current flight sims as it helps new users become aware of the other choices they have in the genre. They all have their advantages/disadvantages over the other, just like buying cars or bed mattresses. They cannot be compared as equals. The flight sim community is such a small niche we should embrace each other for the sole fact we love aviation and flight simming. God bless.
  2. https://verticalsims.com/product-category/xp/
  3. Eh, Kind of underwhelmed myself. I was hoping for a little more frame-rate improvement moving to 64-bit. But as others have said, the default KSFO for me is a huge frame hog with the A2A Constellation. Once I'm in the air from any major airport, the stutters stop. It is still a 10 year old program with a botox injection and I guess I was expecting more. I still fly it for sure as the ATC is well above par with other sims. Until LM re-writes a new sim from scratch, this will always be the original FSX with a new facelift in a 60 year old's body. Just my opinion.
  4. +1 to all the states. I love the fact each states not 50gigs. Very worth the money and hope they do all the states and more.
  5. yeah this worked for me originally and i still stuck with b1bmsgt's tweak after the upgrade and the planes flew great after. I believe they rushed a patch without testing. This is my first VirtualCol purchase under Chocks lengthy sales pitch. Though its not a study sim, it-is-what-it-is for the price and you do get alot. I'm mediocre happy with it.
  6. Excellent news. Thanks Steve. I almost pulled the trigger on the IFly 747 last year waiting for PMDG to release theirs. But after testing out XP11 I completely switched over until this new P3Dv4 was released. Now I'm thinking about getting this 737 from IFly and possibly the 747 when they release it. I have nothing against PMDG or their pricing, I believe in supporting the little guy also if they produce a well designed, authentic and good looking product, which I have been convinced previously that IFly has done. Thanks Chock and the others on your thoughts on this IFly release. I will make a purchase decision in a few days for sure. Cheers and happy flights! Eddie
  7. Hi guys. Is the nav SID/STAR data updateable with Navigraph?
  8. thanks for the research and the update. Will be sure to let you know when I find whats changed.
  9. http://emarciano.free.fr/En/EasyFMC_Doc/Intro.html It looks like the new V4 is an extremely stripped down version of the EasyFMC. Maybe this is something they will look into updating later on.
  10. I noticed the documentation for the P3dv3 has an EasyFMC that's different than the one in V4. Anyone know the status or why this was not implemented in the V4 update?
  11. Kyle, Any rough idea when the compatibility update for the NGX will be released? It seems the 744 and 777 were released mighty quickly after P3dv4 release. Thanks for any update. Ed EDIT: Sorry just saw this on the PMDG website: PMDG 737NGX: Expected compatibility between 18-25JUN. Can't wait. I don't own any PMDG products and this is the first one I would like to get for the new 64-bit P3D. Thanks.
  12. I had this download problem when i first tried. I had to stop the download and start again later. Maybe something related to the traffic to the ortho downloads, I don't really know. I started downloading everything in 16 zoom level and get great results from BI or OSM selection. I am thinking about posting some height altitude shots over at the org showing what the 16 lvl looks like. I find that its actually a great level and low disk space. 500meg to 2gig for each tile instead of 6-7gig for the 18 zoom level I was getting. At 2,000 feet 16 level looks the same as the 18 level to me. But yeah back to original post. I had to stop and restart once or twice to get it going. Anyone with X-plane that's not trying out ortho is missing one of the best things to happen to flight simming since 3-D cockpits.
  13. I didn't realize people were still spending money on 32-bit flight sim addons with the big 64-bit anticipation around the corner and no definite answer on compatibility <crickets>. But wait you say! You can upgrade for only $10 more! I can see it coming now...
  14. I hope your not a religious person I'm all full of conspiracies . When there's such a small sim market to begin with and the major players have competition, yes rumors good and bad will begin flying (no pun intended). The fact someone states in the original facebook post X11 by name and no other sim out there is what is throwing the red flag with me. ORBX stated they are big players with LM and the plans they had to move into the X-plane market have stopped, The reason I think is because I can download all the ortho scenery I want for free. Fly over any part of the world exactly as it looks in real life. ORBX would have zero to little market in that aspect and the reason they absolutely don't want people to switch and wait for P3DV4. Anyways, I have P3DV3, FSX, X-plane10 and 11 with huge amounts of addons for all. They are all lacking in one aspect or another. We all know the faults of each one. If LM is making something definite, I really hope they pull off what we can all hope to be the perfect sim we all looking for. I do love diversity and conspiracy theories. With loving kindness....
  15. Replace LM in my post with Aerofly FS2 or DTG Flight Sim and it makes even more of a point. Your correct though, they should be concerned.
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