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  1. Worked for me aswell ! Thanks Chris for the constant support! Good Jod. Hope LM issue and update though. cheers from Argentina RA
  2. Same problem to me ...worked fine in P3D 4.1 but updated to 4.2 and constanly crashed. Any upadte so far? thanks
  3. ok ...but in both cases with the knob and the enging cuttoff in ON the engine should start, thats correct?
  4. @Scandinavian -> Thanks for the kind reply and explanation. Althought that, I have the livery of Aerolineas Argentinas which was made for the ER version which I used to use and follow exactly the same procedure in FSXSE until I bought the PD34 version three days ago and came up with this issue. Again, I have followed exactly the same procedures that I used to within FSXSE which is based on the ER version. I will follow your suggestion and see what happens, not sure again what the problem is and if the OIL T value nor the APU is affecting the startup. DO the CONT engine button should be ON or OFF? Thanks
  5. Thanks to all for the reply, @Scandinavian -> What do you mean by autostart? the fuel cutoff it is off. I guess that is ok before pulling the enginges knobs. No failures so far configured. Any help? thanks
  6. Hi, Thanks for the reply and the help. The pack ARE OFF as the procedure indicates, engines cutted off, just follow the normal startup engines procedure, but the knob light won´t go on (white) and the OIL T shows a eleven (11) value with no startup engine. I guess, that, using GSX maybe the procedure is delayed with the APU running more than 10/20 minutes before the engines startup. Are you aware about oil consuming form the APU? Thanks in advanced, R
  7. Hi Have I loaded within P3DV4 the panel state COLD AND DARK, loaded the fuel, did everything as the procedure but the OIL T show a value of 11 and cannot start any of the 4 engines. Any clue? thanks in advanced
  8. Hello to Everyone, From Flight Simulator Argentina webpage has recently publish the Livery for AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS; you can download it from http://www.flightsimulatorarg.com.ar/aviones_fsx5.htm Happy Flyings Cheers RA
  9. Hello, Good evening, I have just bought the new B747 QOTSII and really looks amazin, great job! I was wondering, if is possible to use my AEROLINEAS ARGENTINAS Livery which is working fantastic on my PMDG B747 version 1. In case it does, the installation procedure is the same? ADD NEW Folder Texture.AR, then edit the Airplane config? Thanks in advanced, Best regards, RA
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