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  1. Hi, thanks for your information. I've detected this issue by landing the 777 but also with the 747. It is really strange and sometimes it can be really annoying if you're in the air for lots of hours and then couldn't do a clean touchdown. I'm also hoping for an update.
  2. Hello, I don't use any flightplanning tool except the Routefinder. At the end I'm always typing the route manually into the FMC. After that I'm saving my flight so that I can use it the next time. But at this point I also got the error message (something like... starting airport in .rte cannot be found). I've tried it with old saved routes and even with new created ones. The result is always the same. This is happening after the last update of the ngx. Regards, André Heilscher
  3. Hi John, thank you for posting this. I have detected this line on my 737-700 too in FSX (SP2). I'm happy that this is not my fault by installing something in the wrong order. Greets from EDDB André Heilscher
  4. Sorry for bringing this topic back to life. But has anybody else detected this phenomenon? Thanks.
  5. Hello Dear PMDG-Team, thank you for your wonderful work. It is a pleasure to fly this beast. I'm currently testing all variants. The 400F is still my favourite because of the opening nose door. Recently I tested the 400M. One thing that I've noticed is, that I can't enter the passenger values for the upper deck on the 400M. Everytime I do this, the number is ignored or it will randomly change the passengers of the upper deck and the main deck. The ZFW is also changing but doesn't correspond to the number of passengers. I've looked in to the manuals but didn't find a hint on loading the 400M. Is this just me, doing something wrong or is this a little issue? My configuration: FSX (boxed), Win10, AS16 and the NGX + 777 + 747v3. Thanks and greetings from EDDB André Heilscher
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