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  1. Ok, thanks for info, will hope i can buy the update somewhere ...
  2. Its flying in P3dv4 ... all ok, i think In my aircraft cfg is : //RELEASE CANDIDATE V.5 MAY 29th 2012 Is this the last version ? when not, what is better in newer versions ?
  3. Of course, send mails to this adress on Monday : rob@realairsimulations.com also sean.realair@iinet.net.au No answer, spam folder is also empty
  4. Ok, no problem, so how much is the update ? Where can i see wich version i have ?
  5. Does anyone know how really to contact the support of RealAir ? ? ?
  6. Hello, i get no answers to my Emails. I buy RealAir Legacy at aerosoft on DVD , how can i get updates ?
  7. try it now with another browser ( Chrome ) now it runs .. they also Need full adress ...
  8. same here ... Whoops, looks like something went wrong.
  9. Can anyone here confirm at all that this GeeBee from alabeo fly in P3Dv4 ? I think also this is not the truth and only a excuse from alabeo
  10. Hello, in my alabeo store account is this Geebee NOT, because i buy it in steam account, and there i get no update and no support since weeks.
  11. Hello Pilots, i just " fight " now since weeks with a plane from Alabeo (where i buy since years ). I habe bought a few weeks ago ( via steam ) the Gee-Bee But now the Alabeo Support tells me, after i ask why its not running on P3DV4 ( after my questions " is it compatible with P3DV4 : ...YES it IT! ) I have to buy it again, not via Steam ...Is that really the way how Alabeo speaks with their customers ? If I had not read it...I wont bevieve this, really ! NEVER give them money for such a bad bad Support ! ! ! So ... do you have an idea how i can run it in P3DV4 ?
  12. ok, thanks , i try this with the C key ...and cant believe that its really happend on this , and that i have to assign this key really and without this nothings work ....so i try again now with another key...
  13. Hello, sorry, it seems ... i am too stupid...... since hours i read Manuals and so on, but not even 1 time i can start or see fs2crew ( FS2Crew: PMDG 737 NGX Reboot (Voice and Button Control - P3D 64 Bit) in my (updated) P3DV4 .... with PMDG 737NGX Base Package .... Is there any short easy manual / tutorial how to use it / start it with V4 ? i cant believe ... ?! is it really sooo hard to start it ? ? No fs2crew - Windows in P3D ...
  14. Now i put it on my own Server for free download : www.rc-sim.de download... Sonstiges .... have fun
  15. I try since one hour now ...i get only Errors back from upload page ...file of Picture is to big ( max 200 kb ) ...my pic I want to upload is only 165 kb :( ...and so on ...sorry, ist to much work ...so no upload here
  16. ok ...is it than in one download article ? I can try this ...thanks
  17. So i think there no Chance to upload it in avsim library .. you can download it here : https://simviation.com/1/browse-Scenery-63-0?mark=52990#52990
  18. Hello, yes, sorry, I think AVSIM Library and AV SIM Forum are the same server ...here I tried it on AVSIM Library ...but maximum there is 500 MB. Is anyone here in AVSIM Forum online..... who knows the Administrator of AVSIM Library ? ----------- I didnt have P3DV2 ...but you can try it , i believe it could work ...
  19. Hello, We wanted to introduce our new scenery EDXE freeware, but its 560 MB, so we cannot upload here. (Maximum is 500 MB here ) ? Really no way ? If youre interested, i will write the Websites here where you can download it for FSX, FSX SE, P3DV3 and P3DV4 Pictures :
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