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  1. I made this post thinking I wouldn't be able to open a ticket, hoping someone from PMDG would read it here. I found I was able to open one though my account hasn't been verified. I am patiently waiting. :) Richard Foley
  2. I have created an account, but again, I never receive an email to Verify the account creation. I did manage to fill a ticket on my unverified account, but I'm still waiting to hear back from them. Richard Foley
  3. So I'm having to reinstall my sim, and when trying to login to PMDG's site, it's telling me I need to change passwords because of Security Improvements, but I never receive the email link (And it's not going to my spam folder). Resetting the password on the site has the same effect. I tried creating a trouble ticket account, but the same thing, I never see the email I need to verify the account. Is there an issue, or am I just being a huge Durp? Richard Foley
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