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  1. Hi, I made a small addition to the FSXmap.com, so you can plot an see your aircraft live on the map. Its really easy to get going, you can see on the video in the link :
  2. fsxmap

    fsxmap.com not working

    Hi all! Its great to hear that you use it. I made it as a hobby/education project a year ago, and then left it pretty much to itself. A few days ago it stopped working due to a server change at my provider. Sorry for that and it was really encouraging to see that I had >500 registered persons! Now it should be up and running again 🙂 And I plan to port it to a better host and develp it further, thanks again guys for using it! Best regards Tommy
  3. Made a number of updates and enhancements, which are presented in this video. Its really great to see so many people using the page, there are so far >20 registered accounts
  4. Thanks all for the kind words! Now you can write your comments to airports and commented ones are then shown with a small comment symbol. You can write the comment at the page where the runways are shown, and also see it if you hover the mouse over the comment symbol. Comments can be mult line, in fact very long. In the search window, you can filter for airports that you have given a comment. Commenting of course requires that you are logged in to the page.
  5. Its now possible to login (using your Google account/gmail) and then save preferences like unit of measurement and home position. Also, windows can now be dragged and positioned where you like. As a coming function, I plan to make it possible to make comments to airports as well.
  6. Hi Michael, Now the altitude is included, in the popup when you hover the mouse as well as the data window about the airport:
  7. Hi jlund, Yes, the data is taken straight out of the FSX scenery data, I installed FSX Steam edition around Christmas-time in a "sudden renewed" interest for the fantastic Microsoft Flight Simulator which I first used in the 80's :smile: So that must mean that the data in my FSX is not up to date, or what do you mean by TNCM being 10/28 today ? Is there anyway I can update my whole FSX to be accurate as it should be? If so, I could simply regenerate the data from that. Another thing would be to allow people to make accounts so that you could add your own custom airports. But I want the default data to be as accurate and "new" as possible
  8. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Yes, these are the default airports in my FSX Steam edition. I basically took all the airport data from the binary BGL files in scenery folder, all airports with any active runway >= 1000 feet length. Be able to make accounts would be a good future possibility, then it could be used for example for: - Preferences such as homeposition, zoom and feet or meters - Add your own airports - Make comments to airports, like a log
  9. Hi Shuknami, thanks a lot! If anyone finds a bug in the system, or have an idea of some feature that you would like to see added, you can post here or email me at inf*@fsxmap.c*m (stars should be replaced by o :smile: )
  10. Hi friends, I created a page called FSXmap, which you can see here. Its an interactive map with all 24000+ airports in FSX, with their runway data such as ILS, VASI and approach lights. Its plotted on top of Google maps. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like: You can also find a tutorial video here: https://youtu.be/8jfVQiNjUwA I use it to plan the flights, and hopefully you may find it useful too.