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  1. Hello and thank you all ! We can clearly see the difference between FSDG (David Roche posted FSDG picture as I analyze them) and JustSim from GSalden. As I thought, JustSim is focussing on the airport itself,as usual. While JustSim improved its sceneries recently, we have to accept that it focusses solely on the airport. It depends on what you are looking for and everybody has different views on that. I have had a lot of LGIR sceneries, in fact every scenery from the freeware ones for FS2004 until today. Of course FSDG is a great scenery but I fly mostly airliners, so I can focuss on the airport and save computer calculation, just like this kind of sceneries. What is important to me is to get the updated terminal building, because in the FSDG scenery, the state of the main terminal is now outdated, as the duty free shop union in Greece financed latetely the refurbish of the terminal. I'm just a little sad that JustSim did not model the Venitian fort on the harbour, would have been perfect. I am the author of the last update of the Gateway scenery for LGIR in X-Plane where I updated the terminal. Both FSDG and JustSim are coming to X-Plane, maybe I will merge them to take the best of the two. This review in P3D will help me decide for my X-Plane installation.
  2. Fun to come back to AVSIM, only to find someone not answering and suggesting I'm part of an animal shelter (because I'm using their product or evaluating them, I'm counting myself in). Great !
  3. Hi guys, Can someone please upload some screenshots of the areas below, but this time with Justim LGIR ? - harbour - top view of the city, city walls and harbour ? Thanks
  4. Content cited in previous post updated. - article updated - KMZ file to plot both coverage directly in google earth added - two raw KML files updated. Note : we still do not study worldwide LIDO or Jeppesen charts also provided by Navigraph and Aerosoft. We are focusing on navigation data. We encourage people to consider separately charts products and navigation data products.
  5. I have uploaded two KML files, this is the geographic analysis of the two dataset. They contain all airports referenced in NavDataPro and all airports in Navigraph FMS data. It can be plotted in Google Earth for instance. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/47719-navigraph-fms-data-versus-aerosoft-navdatapro/ The results shown here confirms that usually small airports are filtered in the Jeppesen dataset while main platforms are covered by both providers. (In contrast with this general rule, in some countries like France and Germany, NavDataPro filters small aerodromes : they are only in the Navigraph kit). Also both provider have airports around the world and no specific area is of preference. Direct link to full Navigraph FMS data / Navdatapro data coverage
  6. It's a valid remark indeed that I didn't plot the geographic spread of the data. Good idea for next review.
  7. Oh yeah. You might be right. Navigraph has a lot of experience. But don't forget that concurrence and diversity is always better. especially when source data are different. Also, the point of the review is to try to not express any opinion. It also tries to not deal with other activities like charts providing and only assess the raw navigation data.
  8. "Navigraph FMS data versus Aerosoft NavDataPro" is a recurrent topic over the internet. For the sake of the reference, I'd like to share a 2018 review of the difference between both products. Root link All the best captains !
  9. Well, hello, I do have the same FMC freeze when preparing the flight on ground, all numbers starts to disappear, then suddenly FMC is completly frozen. It occurs when the first scrachpad message arises. So as Kyle said, I went in the Ops center and updated to the last version avail. here May, 29 2018. (3.00.8605). In the meantime I went to Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\PMDG\PMDG 747 QOTS II\PanelState and removed any customised panel states. Problems seems to be solved on my first test flight, I must confirm with other test flights.
  10. ok, I see that. But hey, I will need a technical explanation... Why is this software only, not working with the default sample rate ? Why tjis default sample rate if it is bad ?
  11. Hi,it is the same here on my side.
  12. Some of the issues also are that the copilot does not really check if the verified items along the checklist are really done. For instance, on the NGX Reboot, if I don't set the autobrake or don't perform the departure briefing, then the NGX reboot copilot stops. Here, it goes on.
  13. Hi, in the navigraph or aerosoft tool The full path is: C:\Users\Dave 4770K\Documents\Maddog X Files not C:\Users\Dave 4770K\Documents\Maddog X Files\NavData because if you use that the tool wit install inThe full path is: C:\Users\Dave 4770K\Documents\Maddog X Files\NavData\NavData, thus not working.
  14. and you can vary spped card weight with the mouse roll !
  15. Looks good with the new features... However the main concern is still here ! The very same dinosaurs (robotic sound) are still boarding !
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