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  1. Old topic but it saved my bacon;) I took a couple months off to try out MSFS and came back to X-Plane. XP's flight dynamics are soooo smoooth!! Anyways, I couldn't look around the cockpit in XP. I actually thought I forgot how to use X-Plane😆. I tried the "Delete the" X-Plane.prf" file from /Output/preferences folder" trick and it's back, I'm so happy to be back in X-Plane!!!
  2. I like the idea of appending a 1 to the modified file then referencing it etc. Unfortunately this aircraft has no sound folder:( I don't get the whole FMod thing. Some of my Carenado aircraft have sound folders, some don't. I appreciate your efforts.
  3. Sounds like a great idea! All I can find is an FMod file. Any idea where to find that sound file?
  4. It was Mcafee Livesafe AV. I went in and restored the rxpGtnSimxx.dll file and added it (both the 32 and 64 dll's just in case) to my ignore list in Mcafee and shazam;) She's back up and running in all aircraft! GTN750, it's a beautiful thing!!! BTW, until tonight I had no idea you could use this in ANY aircraft, it will just be a popup in the ones not setup for it , but it still functions beautifully.
  5. Similar issue. Just purchased GTN750, opened up XP11.36r2 I believe. Opened up my new Carenado Premier 1a. GTN worked beautifully. Opened up Carenado PC12, GTN wouldn't power up. Opened up a few other aircraft, same thing, no power. Went back to the Premier, now it won't power on. Help, my 10 minutes with this ad-don working was phenomenal;)
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