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  1. I did it, and yes, now it works and the oil level is the one I had when I finished the previous flight but ... (and there is always a but) If I leave the "panel state" blank, then the airplane always starts with the engines running, the IRS aligned, etc. I want the plane to start in the "744 Long" state, BUT with the oil level I had at the end of the previous flight. Given this behavior, in my humble opinion there are only two possibilities, either what I want is impossible and I have misinterpreted the "Use last flight engine oil" option or it is a bug. In any case, I'll put a ticket for the support service to take a look. Antonio
  2. Then I do not understand the use of this function. I've been looking at the contents of the .sav files that correspond to both default and 744 long, and in both, there is actually a predetermined amount of oil for each engine: [Engines] EngineState.0 = 0 OilQ.0 = 3261 Ind_OilQ0 = 3261 OffTime.0 = 4 EGT.0 = 142 EngineState.1 = 0 OilQ.1 = 3241 Ind_OilQ.1 = 3241 OffTime.1 = 4 EGT.1 = 140 EngineState.2 = 0 OilQ.2 = 3386 Ind_OilQ.2 = 3386 OffTime.2 = 4 EGT.2 = 140 EngineState.3 = 0 OilQ.3 = 3238 Ind_OilQ.3 = 3238 OffTime.3 = 4 EGT.3 = 143 On the other hand, there is a file called "747QOTSII_options.ini" and in the "[engines]" section it has the following entries: [Engines] OilQ_UseLast = 1 OilQ_Last.0 = 3230 OilQ_Last.1 = 3203 OilQ_Last.2 = 3357 OilQ_Last.3 = 3201 The timestamp for this file match with the time of the end of my last flight, so I understand that this file is updated on every flight and I understand that these are the oil levels that each engine had at the end of my last flight. So, how is all this managed in the simulator? What configuration should I have so that, at the beginning of a flight, the amount of oil was the one left at the end of the previous flight? Antonio.
  3. Hi everyone In my Queen, the "Use last flight eng oil" function does not seem to work. I have it activated in "PMDG Setup" - "Options" - "Simulation", but at the beginning of each flight I always have the same oil level values: 20-20-21-20. Since the last oil level refill with the CDU I have flown about 25 hours, on flights of 3-4 hours (I am still familiarizing with the Queen). My simulator is FSX and the plane I'm flying is the PH-BFN from KLM, "Fixed configuration" option is blanked and I'm using "744 Long" as "Startup State". Any help, please? Thank you. Antonio
  4. Hello everyone First of all, sorry if my English is not good enough, I hope you can understand me. A pre-purchase question: Does this new version of the B-747 incorporate a service based failures system like the one that comes with the NGX or the B-777? Or is it limited to a random system? If it has service based failures, do it have the multiplier that comes with the B-777 in order to "speed up" failures? This last system seems magnificent, because with the B-737 you can literally fly months without suffering any kind of failure, beyond a door sensor or a duct overheat ... Thank you very much to all. Antonio Magaña
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