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  1. the 1080ti looks very interesting. i'm in no rush right now. like i said in my first post i want to get this right so im prepared to take my time over it
  2. just seen the ryzon vid on youtube. interesting stuff. I'm pretty sure they guy said they'd be retailing for around £300 to £400. not sure if i heard him wrong. yeah i understand about balancing the system and not skimping out on a higher end processor especially for p3d. i was looking at the i7 7700k and deffo a gtx 1070 or 1080. Obviously it's piecing the rest of the system together. is there a release date for the ryzon yet?
  3. Hi folks. I'm a stalker of the avsim community for a while now. But this will be my first post. I wont beat around the bush here to avoid everyone reading a long and boring first post. I am currently in the market for a new PC. My old machine was getting extremely slugish and was lacking in the performance department basically becoming a bit of a sad old man. I've read a few posts on here discussing new builds etc and i've also done a bit of digging around and even asked in my local flight sim community page etc. My new build budget will be around £1400 with a bit of room to menouver. my primary sim will be p3d v3 with various add ons. the usual taxi2gate, uk2000, active sky and pmdg stuff. I've pretty much sold myself on a gtx 1080 as i want to get the best life from the graphics card especially. i've found it hard to come up with good matches for new rigs in 2017 for flight sims. bearing in mind i'd also like to use this machine for other games such as planet coaster etc. Any suggestions from you fine folk would be most appreciated as i'm stuck on what to get right now and really don't want to waste my pennies. cheers
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