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  1. Does this problem occur with a specific scenery, or is it happening with any scenery that you select? Is the scenery you are loading a default or payware. I would try and load up a default scenery with the 777 and see if you get the same problem. I would guess that a scenery may not have installed properly and is causing the issue, or some type of add-on, so the only way to find out is testing each one you installed vs the default sceneries. - Rajan F.
  2. RFarmah

    Cabin Signs

    On a few checklists, I have noticed that after 10,000 ft the checklist may say PAX signs to auto or off. Does auto work as it does on the ground, and automatically turn the signs on and off (when transitioning from smooth to turbulent air in the air), or should I be putting the signs to off and manually turning them back on? I'm sure there's more than one school of thought depending on the airline, but wasn't sure what the more common method was. Thanks, Rajan F.
  3. Have you checked the FMC options to make sure that the take-off thrust derates are enabled? There is an option that allows for you to enable or disable this feature. I believe the setting would be in the Equipment options portion of the FMC.
  4. Thank y'all so much for the quick response. It makes sense that it would stay on during the turn around time, even when connected to a GPU.
  5. After performing a long haul flight in the PMDG 777 and switching from APU power to ground power for the turn around, it is protocol to leave the battery on when connected to ground power, or is the battery turned off? I've read the manual but it does not specify this area of the secure and shutdown process. Thanks, Rajan F
  6. Hey Y'all, From what I've gathered from the forums, gsx will determine the tug based on the aircraft weight. When using the PMDG 777 with a full payload and 50% fuel (~550,000 lbs) I still get the small tug that is used for the 737. I am not sure what is causing this, and I've tried to get support from GSX multiple times but haven't had much luck. Anyone here familiar with how to get the larger yellow tug or the nose lifting tug for my pushbacks, as I am getting tired of settling with a 737 tug to push my 500,000 lb 777. Thanks for any help, Rajan F
  7. Thanks for the advice! I’ve tried making these changes, but the sim still continues to crash only as I approach LTBA. I’ve tried to turn of other add on sceneries and minimized my graphics settings. Funny enough, this only happens with LTBA. is there anyone out there using Taxi2Gate LTBA with FSX? If so, would you be willing to upload your FSX settings and configuration? I know there are people using LTBA with FSX just fine so hoping I can find a fix and enjoy the airport I purchased before changing over to MSFS2020 in the coming year. Thanks, Rajan F
  8. To clarify, I am not getting an OOM message, but rather the sim crashes when approaching the airport for landing. Not during take-off or even when spawning their. I don't experience this issue with any other airport and I have experimented by turining down FSX settings to the bare minimum. Since I am not getting an OOM message, but rather the simulator just crashes when approaching the airport, where do i go from here?
  9. I think it's also worth noting that I can complete a full flight from Doha to Sydney, and back without any issues using the PMDG 777, REX, and GSX, so I am not too sure why this scenery doesn't really work. Thanks, Rajan Farmah
  10. I've been using FSX with high detailed aircraft and scenery for about a year now without any CTD situations. I recently purchased LTBA and have not been able to perform a single landing. I have tried three approaches to runway 5, but every time I intercept the ILS, the simulator CTD. I have many flightbeam, taxi2gate, flytampa, and FSDT scenery and this has never been a problem. The only issue I am experiencing with the crash is that I am not receiving any messages. Rather it just crashes to desktop and that is that. I assume it is a OOM, but I don't understand why as I have higher detailed airports that operate perfect, and by settings are quite conservative. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Rajan Farmah
  11. Is anyone aware of a livery for the 777-300er in United's New Colors? I know that a 777 in the new livery just rolled off the factory line and completed its first steps. This would be a great add-on if anyone is able to do so or direct me to a download! Thanks, Rajan F.
  12. I've read that on the PMDG 777, you can set the startup state to load cold and dark each time. When I get to this section of the FMC, there is no list to click on when it comes to startup state, but rather a few dashed lines. How can I use this to set the startup state to cold and dark each time I load the simulator? Thanks, Rajan Farmah
  13. Sometimes after I start my computer and FSX up, and select on the Emirates PMDG 777, The wings and tail is black before the session loads, but is perfectly normal in the session. I will attatch a link for the image, but does anyone have any experience with this or suggestions to make it stop? Thanks, Rajan F. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Jtbts4bLYzVjTtkN0u_GsU37_nPFPiDK/view?usp=sharing
  14. I’ve been using the PMDG 777 for about three years now, and recently I purchased FTX Global. Now I am running into the problem of engines and the tail turning back. For example, I did a flight from Dubai to Paris, was able to land, and after five minutes from departures, the tail and engines turned black, with some parts of the wings. I know this is a common problem when running out of video memory, but many of my settings are fairly reserved. I’ll upload a picture of my settings. Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Rajan F Settings image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qvX4XoaoaCIuO1w4oHwQx6fytzXK369h/view?usp=drivesdk
  15. After some more testing and research, it looks like maxing our the mesh settings improved the looks, as the textures appear to be more present and “natural” with minimal gaps. The key I believe is that textures settings for mesh and mesh resolution must be maxed, as setting it to even one below max brings the issue back. So as of now, I’m experimenting long haul flights with these new mesh settings, and fingers crossed this is a permanent solution. Thanks all for the helps and support and I shall post back with any updates!
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