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  1. Sometimes after I start my computer and FSX up, and select on the Emirates PMDG 777, The wings and tail is black before the session loads, but is perfectly normal in the session. I will attatch a link for the image, but does anyone have any experience with this or suggestions to make it stop? Thanks, Rajan F. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Jtbts4bLYzVjTtkN0u_GsU37_nPFPiDK/view?usp=sharing
  2. I’ve been using the PMDG 777 for about three years now, and recently I purchased FTX Global. Now I am running into the problem of engines and the tail turning back. For example, I did a flight from Dubai to Paris, was able to land, and after five minutes from departures, the tail and engines turned black, with some parts of the wings. I know this is a common problem when running out of video memory, but many of my settings are fairly reserved. I’ll upload a picture of my settings. Any guidance here would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Rajan F Settings image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qvX4XoaoaCIuO1w4oHwQx6fytzXK369h/view?usp=drivesdk
  3. RFarmah

    Taxi2Gate LFPG Scenery

    After some more testing and research, it looks like maxing our the mesh settings improved the looks, as the textures appear to be more present and “natural” with minimal gaps. The key I believe is that textures settings for mesh and mesh resolution must be maxed, as setting it to even one below max brings the issue back. So as of now, I’m experimenting long haul flights with these new mesh settings, and fingers crossed this is a permanent solution. Thanks all for the helps and support and I shall post back with any updates!
  4. RFarmah

    Taxi2Gate LFPG Scenery

    I have never installed any other scenery for the area, and I have tried contacting the developer for a few months now, but no luck.
  5. RFarmah

    Taxi2Gate LFPG Scenery

    Also, I just tested setting all of the mesh settings to max, and the problem still persists. I've also experimented with reordering the priority in the add-on scenery section of the settings, but that did not solve the problem either, so I set it back to how the installer did so.
  6. RFarmah

    Taxi2Gate LFPG Scenery

    Mesh resolution is already above 5, as I have it at 19. Did you mean another setting?
  7. RFarmah

    Taxi2Gate LFPG Scenery

    Mesh setting is set to 51, which I believe is about half. Level of detail radius: Large Mesh Complexity: 51 Mesh Resolution: 19 Texture Resolution: 1m Water effects: Mid 2x Scenery Complexity: Extremely Dense Autogen Density: Very Dense Special Effects: Medium
  8. I recently purchased LFPG from Taxi2Gate, and am noticing that any scenery locations that have a bridge or layers of textures for a hill or slope are see through from some angles. So it appears as is there is no bridge, when there is from another angle. I've noticed this when it comes to bridges on airfields with a few other airports, but none are as bad or unberable with Taxi2Gate's LFPG. I'll attach some photos for better understandings. Is there anything to do that can fix this issue, and I've determined that this is not an FTX or Orbx issue, so any guidance would be greatly appreciated. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-S0XGdB8tHO8ADyeHYI5drMfdBMMmZK2?usp=sharing Thanks, Rajan F
  9. RFarmah

    PMDG 777 GE90 Black Rim

    Here is a more clear image of the black rim I am reffering too. It can be found on Cathay's B-KPQ wich is a 777-300er with GE90s https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4eCxv2JVXlzdDFBYTFUbXRiRkU5UEdGSzU0TUlRTncwRTZZ/view?usp=sharing
  10. RFarmah

    PMDG 777 GE90 Black Rim

    Hey Y'all, I had a quick question. On some 777 engines I noticed that there is a black rim on the inside of the engine with some dashes. I'll upload a link for better understanding. i've seen this on RR and few GE engines for the 777 and not sure what this is. Whatever this may be, is it limited to one engine variant or can be spotted on both? https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/huge-engine-boeing-777300er-detailed-view-419350009
  11. With further experimentation and research, I found that removing/renaming the OTROS1 file removed the halos that are there from the lights. Thanks for all the support!
  12. I was able to find their webpage but nothing to help with the missing light poles. IS there anyone that has any advice on removing light blooms or making a new way to bring back the light poles without the static jetways ?
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m not too familiar with what FWIW or R&D so a link or any further info would be great! Also, the SODE jetways aren’t the issue. The issue I’m having is that the ramp light poles are connected with the static jetways, so when I remove the jetways the poles are also removed, but the halo is left behind. So is there a way to remove the Halo or add in the poles with a new file? Thank you all for the support!
  14. I am working on creating SODE jetways for OTHH. In doing an exclude for the static jetways, the light posts are automatically removed as well, and the bloom from the lights remain. Is there anyway that someone could give me information on removing the bloom or having a separate file for the light post separate of the static jetways. I've attached the file below for better understanding of the light bloom. I have susesfuly removed the static jetways and added the SODE jetways. Everything works great, except for the fact that there are the "halos" without the light posts being there. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dhvhuJ-84AFGDGeXPe-VyZ_s-azU4m2L/view?usp=sharing Thanks, Rajan F
  15. RFarmah

    PMDG 777 and GSX Cargo Containers

    Okay thanks for the confirmation. I too only noticed it after the major update in July. Thanks and hoping for an update soon.