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  1. Hi guys, saw your thread here and want to ask a question- I also just purchased the AS350 and am having trouble with the collective. I can't get it to move. How are your controls set up? I have a Saitek joystick and CH pedals (also a CH yoke) but can't get off the ground??? Also I send a support email to Cera Sim yesterday with no response yet, I had a lot of trouble just getting a password from them to set up an account so that I could buy their product; ended up buying it through Simmarket. Thanks, Randy
  2. How dumb do I feel? Of course! I assigned a button command to Avionics Master Switch and it works.....thanks much guys, its a lot more realistic to get clearance and push back and then start engines. Appreciate your help.
  3. FSX boxed version in Win 10 on really good gaming desktop. Now the question- Anyone know how to make the radio stack work in default aircraft before engine start? I've turned on the master battery switch, but no joy. I'd like to get clearance before push back (use GSX) and before starting engines, works ok in add on A/C like Project Airbus....help?
  4. The good news for me is that FSX is running good in Win 10, and many of my addons are working too, like FDC Live! Cockpit and GSX. Others like Carenado Beech B1900D and Flight 1 ATR72-500, not so good.....they apparently just aren't compatible with Win 10. Just bought this new gaming computer and it had Win 10 installed on it, but overall getting 45+ FPS on complex aircraft and scenery and 100+ flying the Cessna Skythawk; pretty cool.....
  5. No, sure didn't....boy do I feel foolish! Been flying FS since it came out like 16 years ago......duh! Thanks hawkeye
  6. I just purchased a new gaming computer and installed FSX boxed edition on it. Had some trouble but it is working good now, except that I only have 1 of each of the default aircraft showing up to fly with. Checked the aircraft.cfg files in each type of plane and all entries and texture files are there; its only allowing the plane listed as "flightsim.0" to load. Other than that it's working fine with great FPS(100+). Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks.
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