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  1. Greetings all: I own MSFS (steam) and recently purchased the JU 52 in the Marketplace via Steam. The aircraft has never appeared as an option in the sim and is still listed as available to buy. I have rebooted and signed in and out of Xbox and Steam to no avail. I put in a ticket at Zendesk and have had no response. Any ideas would be much appreciated! Thank you. Lon Duncombe
  2. Greetings all: I own MSFS (steam version). I recently bought the Asobo JU 52 through the marketplace via paypal and was billed for same. Unfortunately the aircraft does not appear as owned in MSFS and is still listed as available to buy. I filed a ticket through Zendesk but have had no response. Any ideas? I assume this has probably happened to someone else. Rebooting and signing out and back in to XBox did not help. Thanks! Lon Duncombe
  3. I have not flown MSFS in about 2 months. I haven't flown P3D in about 3 months. MSFS' graphics and immersion ruined P3D for me. MSFS's flaws made it frustrating. So off I went to DCS to see if I could master their A-10C (still working on it). Today I went back to MSFS to see if things had improved. Picked the TBM and decided to take a short flight from CYYT Billy Bishop. On the real weather setting the grass was green, no snow, the temperature plus 19C. Anyone who is anywhere near Toronto knows we are going through a very cold wave, snow, ice etc. After 6 months I am disappointed that Asobo can still not get the weather right, I mean it's wildly off. So back to DCS I grumpily go.
  4. Yellowknife is nowhere near the pole, just over of 62 degrees N. Watson Lake at 60 degrees N. has the same problem. As a bush pilot simmer who used to live in Yellowknife and loved flying the Mackenzie Valley in P3D, I find this a real disappointment. You think it would be an easy fix.
  5. I've bought all of PMDG's aircraft in the past starting with their JS-41, in fact it was that aircraft that convinced me that FSX/P3D could be more than a game. However, I will not be buying their BBJ. Graphically speaking, MFSF has revolutionized the industry. As much as I try to go back to P3D (and I have virtually all the scenery/weather addons, FSlabs, maddog, majestic etc.) it all feels flat and cartoonish. I can't immerse myself in it. Every once in a while I try again and load P3D v5, look around my favourite payware airport (Orbx's PAJN) in my favourite aircraft (Leonardo's MD-3 with Alaska Airlines livery), and then I exit. No go. The problem with MSFS is, of course, the lack of study sims of equivalent quality. I find myself using it less and less and so will probably turn my attention to non-sim pursuits, at least for the next few months.
  6. Those cabin interiors in the BBJ will be giving Abacus a run for their money lol 🤪
  7. Yes!! I had takeout Chinese last night and it really sucked 😞 On the other hand, I felt much better after completing a mission in OnAir using MSFS from my base in Ushuaia. 😀 The scenery was incredible, the winds spot on (always from the west) and the turbulence over the mountains, combined with icing, made the trip immersive and memorable. Thank you Asobo/Microsoft for reinventing the franchise!
  8. Actually I've dumped MSFS and gone all the way back to Sublogic's version 1.0 Had to dig my trusty Tandy 1000 out of the closet and load MSDOS 2.44, but it was well worth it! Great FPS, the disk drive grinding away emulates engine failure very well, and you gotta love those clean, crisp wire frame graphics! Chicago could probably use an ORBX makeover, maybe remodel the Sears Tower, but that's about it. I might try MSFS again when when it matures in another 10 years or so, if I'm still living. (I'm 72)
  9. I spent a lot of time in Prince George, British Columbia back in the 70's. The city was in a valley and the surrounding pulp mills occasionally produced a smog that would layer the city and spread out over the surrounding hills. I had my pilot's licence and would rent 150s for $30 and hour whenever I could afford it. Last night I sat on the CYXS runway in P3DV5, A2A 182. I have all the addons, HIFI, orbx, envtex, etc. etc. The airplane, airport and surroundings were dull, flat and unconvincing. I switched to the same airport in the MSFS 172. I was immersed in a pea soup fog as I remember it, the sloped runway, lights blinking through the haze. I took off, climbed above the fog into the setting sun and eventually found a bush strip that was in the clear. Taxied up to the cabins at the far end, saw a street light through the foliage, it was quite dark now, but one cabin had a welcoming light through the window. When I shut down the G1000 stayed on, but this was the only glitch. Otherwise, the scenery, airports and 172 were totally convincing and the memories came flooding back. Everything was smooth and stutter free (1080Ti, 8700K, 32 Gig Ram). And this, with the exception of FSUIPC, was a 100% default sim. I have never experienced anything remotely similar since my flying days of 40 odd years ago. I can only say, kudos to Asobo and Microsoft for bringing this level of immersion to flight simulation! An outstanding product, which I know will only get better.
  10. On the other hand, MSFS has gone mainstream. With a million customers and counting plus major news coverage on sites such as CNN we are basically niche players. We have little influence on Microsoft. They are out to please the other 95%.
  11. Nav and Alt works fine with me on all prop aircraft so far. Haven't tried the tubeliners. So yeah, it's probably just you.
  12. In June 1979 I flew a 172 from Regina Sask. to Stanhope Municipal Ont. It took 3 days as I had to turn around over the north shore of Superior when ground fog rolled in off the lake. Arriving at Stanhope I "divebombed" my parent's cottage to let them know to pick me up at the airport. No cell phones in those days. The past 2 days I have been able to duplicate that trip to a remarkable degree using the 172 with steam gauges (although the original did have just one OBS and old fashioned analogue radio knobs, it was maps and my trusty wind heading calculator all the way). The scenery is as I remember it and I managed to more or less duplicate the weather. The cottage is still there and I divebombed it once again. Even the default airports feel genuine. This one virtual trip alone has made my purchase of MFSF worth it! I look forward to many more in the future.
  13. NO, MSFS2020 should NOT have been delayed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Microsoft's goal is to attract tens of thousands of casual simmers and/or newbies who want to get into this hobby. In this respect they are succeeding brilliantly. They couldn't care less about the handful of whiners and complainers on forums such as this. Suck it up. Lon Duncombe
  15. I'm a tubeliner guy - FSLabs, PMDG, the amazing Maddog, I love 'em all. After a wekk of MSFS went back to P3DV5 yesterday to reconnect. I couldn't. The weather was flat and boring, even with Active Sky and Cloud Art, the payware airports in some cases inferior to MSFS's defaults (gotta love those undulating runways), the aircraft interiors pale and rough compared to MSFS. And, oh yes, those microstutters which I had kind of forgotten 😞 In spite of the obvious bugs, oversights and incomplete implementation I'm going back to the future guys. P3D is history. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship 🙂 Lon Duncombe
  16. I have a 1080T1 with a I7-8700K overclocked. 32 gig ram. No stutters or pauses, running ultra on a 4K 36 in monitor. 100 gig manual cache. A beautiful running sim on every plane I've tried so far. My GPU usage is usually pegged at 98-99%, CPU ticks along at 20 to 30 % Lon Duncombe
  17. It's interesting that reviewers in general are in unanimous praise of MSFS 2020. IGN called it a masterpiece and gave it 10/10. This is a knock-out-of-the-park winner for Microsoft which will open up flightsimming to the masses. Time for the incessant whingers and complainers to get a life. Lon Duncombe
  18. I've set up my controls - Thrustmaster hotas, MFG pedals, CH quad, without a problem. Quite intuitive when you get used to it. Being flying all day, Cessna 172, 280, and the Amphib. Very smooth and responsive controls. The problem is on your end mate. Lon Duncombe
  19. Hi guys: I've never had this happen before. I'm running p3dv5 hotfix 2. When I went in to options to change my graphics settings in flight P3D informed me via popup that my scenery library was out of order and would it like me to try to repair it? Foolishly I replied yes. Upon my next flight I noticed I just had stock scenery. Well I guess that just meant I had to reset the Orbx insertion points maybe? No. In fact my whole library folder "G:\Orbx library" with all of my scenery except Vector (installed in the sim) was gone without a trace. Not in the recycle bin, nowhere to be found. So I will be downloading all my Orbx stuff for the next few hours and installing directly in the sim this time. Weird. Lon Duncombe
  20. Glad I've saved my SubLOGIC Flight Simulator floppy! Time to dust my trusty Tandy 1000 off and take it for a spin. From what I remember it was very stable with high FPS. Saving up for a CGA colour monitor!! Lon
  21. How about a sub sub-forum for leaves and branches? Lon Duncombe
  22. I'd prefer they fix their DC-3 first. I got sucked in by the graphics and ended up paying big bucks for a model that requires Ctrl E to start, lol. Their service pack made things worse. Lon Duncombe
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