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  1. The block plugs into the PS/2 port on the yoke. The power light on the throttle quadrant lights up. The OS does not see the quadrant (not even as an unknown device in the Device Manager), nor does it do anything inside X-Plane's calibration panel. I have tried to download the drivers, but on the plug-in step, the Next button does not light up. I have also tried starting it with it unplugged, as well as plugged in, and have done multiple system reboots. OS: Windows 10 64-bit with latest updates from Microsoft X-Plane 11 Yoke and Rudder Pedals got recognized without problems Perhaps the drivers on the site are for the USB model, and not one that goes into the PS/2 port on the Yoke? I am not able to access the original CD that shipped with the system. Thank you.
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