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  1. Did anyone ever identify a solution to this? I am having the same problem with the sim objects and GSX being to dark.
  2. Hello, I have a small problem whereby FSFX isn't seeing my P3d installation and not providing the option to install to it. Is there any way of forcing FSFX to recognize the path? P3d is installed to the path: D:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3 as it runs on a seperate hard drive.
  3. My solution to this was to use the FSRealtime option 'Set to Now' once the simulator had loaded. This resulted in no loading mid flight and smoothed performance.
  4. Morning Simmers, I am currently investigating a CTD issue which I believe FSRealtime maybe responsible for. I am about to run a test flight and will let you know the results. For some strange reason the user guide is not working for me and never has. Does anyone have any experience with this utility? Has anyone experienced the same CTD issue? It appears to occur during the time sync when FSX loads air, land and sea traffic. This will be done intermittently throughout the flight with no time increase. It will load fine the majority of the time however, inevitably, at some point during the flight it will take a long time to load and then CTD. The way I am using FSRealtime at the moment is to start the program last once I have all my other utilities and programs loaded. I will then connect it to FSX and when in flight select the AutoUpdate feature. I have read that this may be the cause, hence my little experiment today. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Nick
  5. Hi Jim, Thanks very much for the advice. I have already done a rebuild on the CFG and this didn't solve the problem so I am guessing it is a setting somewhere in Realtime. I will have a look Nick
  6. Evening flyers, I have recently encountered a problem whereby my simulator is freezing while intermittently loading air, land and sea traffic every 5-10 mins during flight. The reload takes place with no simulation increase (or on a rare occasion a x2 increase) and is becoming slightly annoying. Some flights will pass by where the intermittent loading will take place and there will be no crash... I have read up on various solutions however, none of them appear to be the cause for me. FSUIPC's sync time is disabled. I use UT2 (recently installed but problems occurred before this). I do use FSRealtime and to be honest I really don't understand how it works. I start my simulator, connect and then select 'Start Autoupdate'. My version of the manual doesnt seem to work either so I cant read up on it. Within my sim I have (just now) turned all the traffic sliders to 0% as UT2 uses simconnect to inject the traffic if I am not mistaken? I am assuming that I wouldn't need the sliders set in FSX? Any help would be appriciated
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