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  1. I just re downloaded the installer from the carenado website
  2. yep just did two flights with the latest update and the problem has gone on my system.
  3. Add me to the list of effected users. Has been driving me crazy trying to find the cause, thought it might have been some keystroke. Happens in both P3Dv4 and FSX:SE
  4. Not sure if I missed the announcement from Carenado, however there is a new download installer for this A/C for P3dv4. I just installed it into my v4 version and all is working well. cheers Mike
  5. Long shot I know, but you never know. Bump!
  6. Big + for PW372 Radio Stack, No more mucking around looking for the right mouse hotspot!! Can not recommend it high enough. I was actually thinking of buying some of the saitek panels. No longer now that I have this. Saved myself a fortune!! Only $12.
  7. Thanks gents, no ezdok install (Chaseplane did update now i think of it) Stil DX9 Will try a reinstall. Cheers Mike
  8. Hi guys any idea why this is all of sudden happening to my Carenado TBM? I don't believe i changed anything?
  9. Thanks Bert. that sounds complicated. i just wanted to map a keystroke! lol Anyway guess i better go research l vars now. thanks again. mike
  10. Out of interest, does anyone know for Master Warning and Master Caution what the FSX events are for these? I am trying to map a keystroke to them. Mike
  11. Sorry I meant where do you find that page in the FMS?
  12. Ha and tonight it is happening again...
  13. Love this product, just one quick question. For all the cockpit or plane views you are able enable/disable trackir per preset (which is awesome). However how do you disable TrackIR in Cinematic View?
  14. I had exactly the same issue last night. I tried updating TrackIR but nothing seemed to fix it. Then tried this morning before I went to work and it all worked correctly. I assume just an Alpha issue. Cheers Mike
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