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  1. I have built a left dash panel containing the Starting switches, fuel pumps oil doors etc,, a right dash panel with all the lighting gear and flaps plus annunciator lights test and master warn cancel. Then I have an autopilot panel and a Garmin GNS530 panel and finally a utilities panel which has all the fltsim house keeping stuff such as pushback, slew, zoom, views etc. The only little routine I have made for myself is the Master warning and Annunciator lights test, for the rest I have used libraries others (cleverer than me) have written.
  2. Thanks Gregg, that will save me a lot of time and frustration trying to solve an unsolvable problem, namely the standby/active frequency swap.
  3. Hi Gregg, I am a big fan of the Realair Turbine Duke. I have built a 5 Bodnar card sim and like you have about 80% of the switches working through linda, I have not been able to find any library routines that cover the ADF panel. Were you able to get this panel working?
  4. Norry

    Linda is not logging FSX controls

    I have finally solved my little problem as out lined above. I have found that by running the console and tracer with a default aircraft, then clicking the default aircraft switches e.g battery s/w the Linda console shows the FSX control selected. I then switched to the Realair Turbine Duke (which is the aircraft I was having the problem with), ran the Tracer/Consol and the FSX controls showed up just fine. I this may help someone sometime.
  5. Norry

    Linda is not logging FSX controls

    You are correct in assuming that I am not into advanced programming, I have built a flight sim with 5 Bodnar cards using Linda and the work of others on various libraries, notably, but not exclusively, Mark at Almost Aviation. I just thought it was time that I tried my hand at using Linda and Lua to make my own library of bits and pieces that have not, as far as I can tell, been covered elsewhere. Unfortunately, the first time I tried to trace fsx controls, as shown in the Linda manual using the Realair Turbine Duke Cowl Flaps as an example, no FSX controls showed up at all. I checked the logoptionsprotect= line in the .ini file and it was set to Yes. I am just thinking it must be something that I have done or left undone in the set up of either Linda or FSUIPC. Having been rather negative with this thread I have to say that I am very happy with Linda, and for normal everyday use it makes things so much easier and more convenient. So thanks for that.
  6. Norry

    Linda is not logging FSX controls

    From what you say above, as I have FSUIPC4 ver 4.963 installed I should not need to edit the FSUIPC4.ini file, but unfortunately I still have this problem. I found the offset 3400 in the documentation and it does refer to logging bits 1 thru 12 but I am sorry I don't have a clue as to how I would use this information to add lines to the FSUIPC4.ini file.
  7. Hi, I am running Linda 2.9.2 with the latest registered version of FSUIPC (4.963) With the console viewer on, Linda logging is fine. However when I attempt to select any box on the "FSUIPC logging" I get the 2 lines shown below come up on the console, and no FSX controls appear when buttons, (known to use default FSX controls) are pressed. ### Blocked: attempt made to change LogOptions via 3400, data 0x0001 FSUIPC logging bit set: 10 ----------(this logging bit is either 2, 6, or 10) depending on which option is selected.) Any ideas what could be the problem?