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  1. im wondering what dds is the cessna 172 and the stock 737-800 is .??
  2. here its released: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ybs57rn514362s5/the+final+frontier.rar
  3. hey fellow repainters so i finished the iron maidens ed force one sbit 08 now i made their final frontier 757 wich will be up for release at 21.00 european time
  4. bonus livery a dash 8 widerøe https://www.mediafire.com/?36zhdybuql955vb
  5. annnddd its done happy modding: https://www.mediafire.com/?z4b4sgjakorvywo
  6. update 2 : i finally figured out the black engine problem i had saved it as a dds file but it had to be a bmp extended 32 bit 888-8 now all i have to do is take a thumbnail photo and tweak the airplane.cfg and it will be done
  7. the reason for the plane being black was that i had saved it as a dxt3 when it was suppose to be dxt5. i still have to see why the engines are still black
  8. UPDATE DELUXE: the 757 ed force one is almost done for release i still have to make the engine bay doors white and the engines astraeus blue other then that its done
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