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  1. Hi everyone...just a quick update. I am finding that the more the sim works, the better it seems to perform. I am not too savvy with these kinds of things, but I think that after the updates, the shaders needed some time to rebuild and that was causing the slowdown. I am getting quite acceptable fps for my configuration (gtx 960M, 16 Gb Ram, and i7 2.6) so I am pleased to see the improvement over my initial disappointment. All this just to get ready to purchase the aerosoft A320 V4.3. I am flying the ngx right now and it is a lot of fun. I stepped away from simming for awhile and now that I have taken it back up I wanted to really enjoy the experience of flying. If anyone has a suggestion on good landing videos or software to practice I would be most appreciative. Once again, this flight sim community is so helpful and friendly. Thank you all!
  2. Hi all....so I am flying again with little to no trouble. Thank you to everyone who offered their very helpful advice. You all are truly appreciated! I wanted to post a picture of my inflight progress but can't figure out how to do that....as in I can't find the option here? Cheers all!
  3. Hi everyone...so after doing most of the tweeks you suggested, things seem to be still a bit wonky. I have to run everything on default graphics settings and it works just fine. I only have a gtx 960m and a light processor. It worked at higher graphic settings before but I will just work through more of your ideas to get the sim to work well. Thank you for all your suggestions (I have yet to implement some of them) and I truly appreciate your time in offering your expertise. I was able to fly out of Edmonton on my way to Boston with no trouble. Yes, the graphics could have been better, but at the end of the day I can fly again. Thank you! Cheers! Rob
  4. Wow! Thanks for all the great advice, tips and warnings! I will have to wait until after work to test the performance issue. I truly appreciate you helping me work through this. I love flight simming and I am looking forward to returning to an enjoyable experience. Cheers all!
  5. Doing that right now...running that in Orbx central. Stay tuned. And thank you for the tip. I love this forum community! Rob
  6. I didn't do that, but I tried to update them. Is it best to delete them? Oh so many details just to enjoy flying! Thanks Mikelab6!
  7. Alright...thanks for the awesome tips. And no, I did not do anything with Orbx and so I will give that a try. So the things I changed were Chaseplane and Avilsoft EFB. And then I update to 4.3. I will follow your advice to update orbx but before a complete reinstall I will try that. Thanks for such a fast reply! I will keep you posted. FYI, I was just running the sim on all the default settings and was getting descent frames and the terrain seemed to fix itself. Oh, I also update Envidir shade to the latest version. And yes, I threw alot at the sim, but now realize that was a bit too much maybe. Thanks again. Rob
  8. I updated avilsoft to v2, then updated chaseplane to their newest version and noticed fps dropped to around 5. So I thought I would update to v4.3 of P3D (which i had downloaded the other day), and following Matt Davis' video I only updated the client, scenery and contents. Well my fps is terrible (deleted the scenery.cfg as suggested elsewhere) and CYEG now has fantastic mounds everywhere like the airport has sunk 15ft into the earth. Bottom line is that P3D V4 has become unusable and I would really like to get back to the usual 30-70 fps I was used to before all those changes. It is supposed to work but it doesn't. Forgive my ignorance, but after many hours of trying and searching I just have hit a wall. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Oh...I also updated FSUIPC to the latest version as well (v5 I believe). Is this hardware? Software conflicts? Thanks for your input.
  9. In common ATC language..."Pappinr to Airline2Sim, Ben...with you." Great things are always worth the wait.
  10. Hi Ben, So sorry to hear about all the painful events that have happened. I may have posted some stuff on here that is critical, but until tonight I did not read your post here. Please understand it was the rantings of someone who was not aware of the awful life moments you were going through. I am glad to hear that things have turned around for the better for you. I have been in the same situation as you and confronted with infidelity. I can assure you, you will emerge stronger and ready to move on. I am looking forward to Ben 1.1 and your renewed enthusiasm for the fantastic product you have been producing!
  11. Oh no. I hope all is ok with the developer. There is not much support right now until he comes back I assume. It would be great if he/she could give us an update on the state of the training as it would resolve a lot of questions. I hope all is well, but the site continues to accept money and all things being equal, paying customers deserve some explanation as to why there is no effective support. But again, hope all is ok. Annnnnddddd......hope the developer gets back to developing soon.
  12. Well, this doesn't sound good. I just decided to take the plunge and purchase this course. I will continue to download the videos though in the hopes that things change for this developer. Cheers everyone!
  13. That is exactly what I have done. I have started to download each tutorial. A bit inconvenient for sure, but worth the massive learning opportunity. I hope they get on with fixing this though.
  14. I just purchased this course and I am not happy that I can't stream it. I don't want to have to download each tutorial to be able to hear the audio. Please, whoever is responsible for this, fix this as I just gave you my money. Rob
  15. Thanks Kevin...I kind of figured you and your team were on this. Thanks for letting me know. I also have a couple of other addons...Airbus Immersion and the Precipfx packages. I love all these products and they really enhance the sim experience. Your hard work at development is greatly appreciated! Cheers...Rob
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