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  1. the problem is solved. the problem was in the Card file. Please Delete theme
  2. Hello. i have some problem. in my GTN 750 P3D i have invisible air traffic around me everywhere (http://i.imgur.com/xrP1EhN.png). What i need to do for fix it. before such problems wasn't. And sometimes GTN lost GPS signal - what is it? Lear, fsupic, P3D, GTN - latest version.
  3. hmm. now it's work....strange...)
  4. i don't understand where i can find the log file. I send you an email some files (black@clip...) 1) I tried to other planes (mjc8, l35) and linda still not work, i mean aircraft not response on button commands. 2) LUA and VERBOSE logging - where this function?
  5. The problem is solved. Technical support was registered for me. Thanks to all
  6. Linda does not work when i press any programmed button. The plane nothing changes i used Linda 1 year ago in mjc8q400, and now i need linda for F1 cessna mustang. I have latest version Prepar3D and Fsupic
  7. OMG "500 - Internal server error" appears when i try to "Create a new ticket. " I tried to do it from different browsers chrome and explorer. But working on my phone with safari..))
  8. bad news for me. All links don't help me. Also impossiblt e create any ticket
  9. What you mean? The plane very strongly reduces fps. 3d models is awesome!
  10. tried to regiser 80 forum. have same problems
  11. Flight1 no have e-mail and ticket system for support. It is necessary to write at forums( For registration 80 forums i need have other order number and sertificate which I don't have.
  12. Maybe anyone help me with my problem? I can't Register the forum mustang When I try to be registered. i have messages "Registration Approval required. Please contact the foru, administration for more assistance " administrators send to me references which can't help me with this problem in any way link1 and link2 I don't understand why having paid overall cost for the plane I face such technical support which doesn't help my topic in official forum 1) i go to link http://mustang.flight1.net/forumreg.htm 2) i enter my Certificate ID, and enter Forum Username (BUT HOW I HAVE USER ID IF I CANT REGISTER TTHIS FORUM?!?!?!?) 3) i enter other user name and certificate. 4) i press (Submit) and : "Your forum user name could not be located. Make sure you enter a correct forum user name and try again. You must already be registered in the Super 80 forum." 5) why writes me about a forum? (the Super 80 forum)
  13. I used this program earlier. this good application.
  14. I have made experiment and have seen that OPTIMIZE_PARTS=0 - reduce fps with 30 to 15
  15. hmm. i changed value "0" instead of "1". and bugs were gone [SIM] OPTIMIZE_PARTS=0 what this parameter is responsible for?
  16. Greetings. I didn't find the necessary section on these producers therefore I will write here. Today I have bought GLJ25 and there was a problem. at virtual cockpit all image jumps and it is impossible to look. I have other planes which work perfectly. it is perhaps finite that my video card doesn't support this airplane. Somebody has thoughts about it? I am very upset with purchase (
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