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  1. Hello! My P3Dv4 has been very unstable lately and I am clueless in why - It was working fine no issues last week. I haven't change anything other than had ORBX Libaries and FSDT GSX Lvl 2 Updates. That's it. GPU Usage at 45-55%, CPU Usage about the same, RAM usage 80% I think. So nothign to worry about really. CPU Temps at 85*C (Bit high but shouldn't cause crashes). When the sim crashes is pretty random. Last couple of flight attempts, all in Aerosoft A320, were on the ground at ORBX EGPH, Start of decent into ORBX EGHI, after takeoff at EGPH - Ive never had any issues with ORBX Sceneries before (I get low frames but its still useable). Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Corsair Vengence LPX 16GB 3000 (1x16, Overclocked to 3200MHz) MSI ARMOUR Radeon RX570 8GB (Factory overclocked) Sim is installed on a Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD (7200RPM) Thanks! TrainNutter
  2. Hi, I'm asking on behalf of a friend at a Virtual Airline I'm with. He's trying to make a livery for the CaptainSim 757-200 (RB211-535E4) and I tested it and this happened (Video on Google Drive, link below) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1o72v3c-BrTSirrG1oCbV3QOnA9ysX1uc/view?usp=sharing If any one can help, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 😄 TrainNutter
  3. Yeah it's electrically driven It doesn't work by using the buttons on my yoke but the issue is fixed (Drag and hold the stab trim thingy to set it)
  4. Oh ok I'll try that on the next flight Btw, is there a way to change it in aircraft.cfg or something?
  5. No that's not what I mean I mean the seating capacity for the aircraft it'self. It's limited to 162 Economy & 16 in Business. I was wondering if I could change that to say 221 Economy and 0 Business
  6. Hi, Does anyone have a fix for the 4 door varient of the CS757 for GSX level 2? I have the 5 Door varient fixed but not 4.
  7. Yeah but how do I set that so each livery has the correct seating capacity?
  8. Hi, Is there a way to change the seating Capacity on a livery by livery basis? For example, TUI's 757s a have a capacity of 221 (Economy Only) whilst say La Compagnie has a cpacity of 74 in Business. And also, Delta Airlines has 3 cabins for their 757s
  9. I have fixed the Issue I didn't know how the Stab Trim worked (Push forward and hold to set trim down)
  10. Yeah I have the same issue but all the hydraulics systsms are powered (As in no orange lights and no warnings for it not being pressured) right click doesn't work. It just does nothing. Can't even set it in-flight
  11. Yeah I have the same thing set on my Saitek Yoke. And thank you! I will try now
  12. Hi, I just bought the CS757-200PW & -200RR in the sale and I’ve done a couple of Flights on it. However, I have found that the stabiliser trim doesn’t work. I click to drag it and it springs back to the default position and when I press the button on my yoke to move it, nothing happens. Note that no changes have been made in the control settings as it works perfectly fine on my other aircraft. One takeoff roll, I get a Master warning and blaring alarm warning me that the Stabiliser trim isn’t set - yet I can’t set it. Also, how do I calculate the amount of pitch I need? Thanks, TrainNutter P.S. I posted this on the CaptainSim Forums a day or 2 ago and I’ve had no response (yet newer posts have had responses).
  13. Hi, I am having the problem where after following the tips and I am having some problems. The Tomatoshade Shift+F2 menu is still there and I am having crashed which I think is caused by this. Please help!
  14. I just did a full shut-down and left it for 15 min and it's fine now
  15. Hi, For some reason, FSX keeps crashing when loading. I have changed nothing since yesterday (It worked fine yesterday). I have tried deleting the FSX.CFG folder and restarting but nothing seems to make a difference. Please help! By the way, it crashes on the loading part before the main menu. Please Help! Thanks TrainNutter
  16. Right, The issue is fixed as I found a driver for my Yoke! (I honestly had no idea that a driver even existed). Tanks for your help!
  17. Yeah. But still, they said that the problem couldn't be replicated. Also, I have tried both a full reinstall (Deleting all of the files) and deleting the FSX.CFG file but neither have solved the issue. I hope to be getting Prepar3D V4 soon.
  18. Hi, I have a problem in FSX where is thinks that the Pitch Trim is just the elevators and not the elevator trim. I have messaged Carenado about this and they have been unable to replicate the problem. "We've been unsuccessful in trying to replicate this issue after many attempts as it is not occurring on our computers. Having said this, we feel that it won't be possible for us to solve your problem, which is why we would like to offer you a refund on your purchase or any other aircraft from our fleet for free instead, provided you find this issue to be detrimental to your enjoyment of our product." -- Carenado Please help!
  19. Hello All, thanks for the replies it was Human Error. (Forgot about the Show All Variations button)
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