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  1. Which has priority with regards to commands

    Hello Again, I have noticed on my copy of Linda that every thing refers to FSX, synchronization etc. I do have FSX installed on the same drive, my version of Linda is 3.0.1 and i have P3dv4 and FSUIPC 5.103 should Linda be displaying P3dv4 instead of FSX or is it a generic labelling or would I be better off uninstalling FSX all together. Could there be a possibility that FSX is interfering with Linda and P3dv4 causing conflicts. Thanks Colin
  2. Which has priority with regards to commands

    Hello ScottFlieger, What I am proposing to do is make a systems trainer of the Grob 115e Tutor as used by the RAF and the Air Cadets I am using IRIS Simulations offering of the Grob which is very good having flown the real thing on numerous occasions myself. I am using the FSX variant in P3dv4 is seems to work apart from all the lighting not working from either my switch panel or from inside the aircraft using the onboard switches. I have contacted IRIS Simulations but they are renowned for being extremely slow in response to enquiries i have requested an update as to when or if a P3dv4 version will be released.
  3. Which has priority with regards to commands

    Hi ScotFlieger, I forgot to ask in my last post do we have to untick the box for enabling controllers in P3dv4 just the same as FSX I am using a Saitek X52 with Saitek Pro pedals, as mentioned earlier my switch panel is home made interfacing with a BBI-32 board. I have noticed that P3dv4 has assigned some actions to my switch panel without any intervention from myself hence why i was getting change view when i assigned Master Battery switch on/off to a toggle switch. thanks Colin866
  4. Which has priority with regards to commands

    ScotFlieger, Thanks for the detailed reply you confirmed what I thought Do I have to delete the actions if I want to use both Linda and SPAD Next although not both at the same time, will they clash with each other even if one programme is not actually being used my programmes are installed on the same drive in my pc P3dv4 is on a drive outside windows x86 security. Thanks Colin866
  5. Hello All, I am new to programming, can anyone tell me which has priority where commands are concerned, P3dv4 Lida or even SPAD NeXt. I have all 3 programmes including FSUIPC 5.103 registered. I am trying to programme my home built switch panel using a Leo Bodnar BBI-32 board and any of the above programmes. Do I have to remove all assigned commands from the P3dv4 directory before using either Linda or SPAD NeXt. I have coded a switch to be master battery switch when used it changes the view instead. This was using Linda. I have many more questions but this is my biggest problem knowing which takes priority. Thanks Colin866
  6. IRIS Grob 115E (Tutor) (module 1.0)

    Thanks Josh for your great work, I too am an instructor with the ATC, 18 years in the making. I have just retired from uniform back to a good old CI. I run a Flight Sim programme at my sqn and we too use the IRIS Grob great bit of kit. We have just recently completed a 24 hours touch and go nonstop flight around the UK using the Grob visiting 75 airfields that were or still are RAF to celebrate the ATC's 75th birthday. We are now building our own Grob cockpit sim we have just purchased the Matrox Triplehead2go Analogue good old ebay, we have split the work between 2 Pc's. 1 doing outside graphics via TH2G and the other running the instruments via Panel Builder. Should you update or add to your current Grob LVAR's especially the "Flight Assist" and radios I would be very interested. We are hopefully going to purchase Leo Bodnar boards to operate all our switches and encoders shortly then we are talking to other groups that can possibly help us with dual controls as in the real Grob. Let me know what you're sqn are upto perhaps we can team up and help each other. Again many thanks for your contribution so far it has made our simulator even more realistic now. Colin866