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  1. Thanks Josh for your great work, I too am an instructor with the ATC, 18 years in the making. I have just retired from uniform back to a good old CI. I run a Flight Sim programme at my sqn and we too use the IRIS Grob great bit of kit. We have just recently completed a 24 hours touch and go nonstop flight around the UK using the Grob visiting 75 airfields that were or still are RAF to celebrate the ATC's 75th birthday. We are now building our own Grob cockpit sim we have just purchased the Matrox Triplehead2go Analogue good old ebay, we have split the work between 2 Pc's. 1 doing outside graphics via TH2G and the other running the instruments via Panel Builder. Should you update or add to your current Grob LVAR's especially the "Flight Assist" and radios I would be very interested. We are hopefully going to purchase Leo Bodnar boards to operate all our switches and encoders shortly then we are talking to other groups that can possibly help us with dual controls as in the real Grob. Let me know what you're sqn are upto perhaps we can team up and help each other. Again many thanks for your contribution so far it has made our simulator even more realistic now. Colin866